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Mikurajima has a small port, so Tokai-kisen ships are often cancelled. (The arrival rate is about 60%.)
For Foreign travelers, we recommend the Miyakejima Stay Plan.​
(The arrival rate is 90%​〜)

The place for dolphin swimming is the same Mikurajima.

MIKURA-SOU stay plan accepts only Japanese speakers.
If you do not speak Japanese, you can join MIYAKEJIMA  or COCOSORA (Mikurajima) stay plan



Date/Accommodation/Price ​/(Availability) 


Apr.12-14 (Fri-Sun)  BLOG

Apr.27-30 (Sat-Tue) BLOG

May 3-6 (Fri-Mon)  BLOG
May 18-20 (Thu-Mon)  BLOG

May 22-24(Wed.-Fri.) BLOG

​June 1-9 (Sat-Sun.) Shiretoko Orca tour

June 14-16 (Fri-Sun)  BLOG

June 20-22 (Thu.-Sat.) BLOG
June 28-30 (Fri-Sun)  MIYAKEJIMA 

​July 5-7 (Fri-Sun)  COCOSORA

July 12-14 (Fri-Sun)  Mikura-sou

July 15-17 (Mon-Wed)  MIYAKEJIMA 

July 19-21 (Fri-Sun)   MIYAKEJIMA

July 26-28 (Fri-Sun)   MIYAKEJIMA (FULL)

​July31, Aug1, 6, 7, 8  FUTO Sperm Whale ¥19,800

Aug. 2-4 (Fri-Sun)  MIYAKEJIMA  ¥86,000 (FULL)

Aug.9-11 (Fri-Sun)  MIYAKEJIMA  ¥86,000  (FULL)

Aug.13-15 (Tue-Thu)  Mikura-sou ¥86,000  (FULL)

Aug. 16-18  (Fri-Sun)  MIYAKEJIMA  ¥86,000  (FULL)

Aug.18-20 (Sun-Tue)  Mikura-sou ¥86,000  (FULL)

Aug. 23-25  (Fri-Sun) MIYAKEJIMA  ¥86,000  (FULL)


Sep. 4-6 (Wed.-Fri)  Mikura-sou  ¥83,000 (5)

Sep.6-8 (Fri-Sun)  MIYAKEJIMA  ¥83,000 (3)

Sep.13-15 (Fri-Sun)  MIYAKEJIMA ¥83,000  (FULL)

Sep.18-20 (Wed.-Fri)  COCOSORA ¥83,000 (M1)

Sep. 20-22  (Fri-Sun) MIYAKEJIMA  ¥83,000  (FULL)

The schedule will be announced each month below.

Oct.→Aug.2   Nov.→Sep.2

Include: 2 dolphin swimming
Tokai-kisen ship ticket,
accommodation, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast,

◆Mikura-sou  (Japanese speakers only)
The rooms are shared with others.
Miyakejima & Cocosola (English or Japanese speakers)

cottage type inn. You can charter a room


On the day of departure, meet at Tokyo Takeshiba Pier at 21:40Please feel free to participate even if you are a single woman.An instructor will accompany you from the time of departure 

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We have Mikurajima stay and Miyakejima stay plan


The dolphin swim location for both is the same around Mikurashima.

【Mikurajima stay plan】

Advantages:The biggest advantage is that the dolphin boat is a small boat that the dolphin swim itself easy to do.

Although it is a small island with nothing on it, it has a peaceful island atmosphere.

Disadvantages:Since there is only one small port, it is easily affected by sea conditions, and the biggest disadvantage is that round-trip Tokai Kisen ship are often cancelled. Please allow plenty of time for your trip as the return boat may be cancelled.


*Mikurajima stays will be in separate rooms for men and women. 

Please refrain from applying if you cannot share a room.

*Practice may not be possible on the morning of arrival. If you need practice, please choose Miyakejima stay plan.

【Miyakejima stay plan】

​Click here for the Miyakejima stay guide

Advantages: The biggest advantage is that there are three large ports and there are almost no cancellations regardless of the sea condition, so you can travel with confidence.

You can also enjoy hot springs, sightseeing at volcanic ruins, and snorkeling on a beach with sea turtles.

*Miyakejima stay is a cottage type room. Private rooms are available for groups and couples.

Disadvantages: The travel time of the dolphin boat from Miyakejima to Mikurashima is 40〜50 minutes each way.


*We can accommodate schedule requests to some extent (minimum number of participants is 5 people)


【Included in the basic price 】

Tokai Kisen round trip 2nd class boarding ticket, overnight stay, 1 breakfast 1dinner, 2 dolphin swimmings.

Instructor accompanying fee, guide fee, weight rental, consumption tax

(Boarding tickets will be given to you when meeting at Takeshiba Pier)

(Tokai Kisen senior seats/Special 2nd class to Special class, if seats are available, transfers are possible at UP rate)


【Not included in the basic price】

◆Food and drink expenses other than those listed (lunch)

◆Early check-in (Mikurajima ¥500/Miyakejima breakfast included ¥2,500)

◆Onsen spa ¥500(Miyakejima)

◆Rental fee (per day/excluding tax)

・Wetsuit ¥2,000 / Mask ¥500 / Snorkel ¥500 / Fins ¥500 / Fin socks ¥350

・Thermal vest ¥800 (for spring/autumn)

・Underwater camera ¥1,800 (Olympus TG-5) (Please prepare your own SD card)

◆Option (Morning of arrival day) (excluding tax)

・Additional dolphin swim ¥10,000 (Mikurashima stay only)

・Snorkeling ¥2,000 (Miyakejima stay only)

・Snorkeling practice ¥4,000 (Please practice as much as possible in advance as this may not be possible depending on the weather)


*Rental fees and optional fees will be payed on-site.

Cash/PayPay/VISA/MASTER(contactless card)


*Participation conditions

Healthy people of 13 years old and above.

*If you are over 60 years old, please submit a medical certificate from a doctor.


*Minimum number of participants: Mikurajima 3 people / Miyakejima 5 people

*Maximum number of people accepted: Mikurasou 9 people / Cocosora 3 people / Miyakejima 8 people



Basic schedule for the day

Schedules and estimated times may change due to weather, ocean conditions, and other factors. Thank you for your understanding.

 Miyakejima stay plan, click here.


First day

21:40  Meet at Tokyo Takeshiba Pier ~ 22:10 Boarding

22:30  Departure  (Tokai Kisen ship) (overnight stay)


the 2nd day

06:00  Arrival at Mikurashima (Miyakejima 5:00)

Morning :Free time (option: reservation required)

Snorkeling practice (required for beginners)

・Snorkeling (Miyakejima only)
・Additional dolphin swim (Mikurajima only)


dolphin swimming

Night  Mikurashima/Miyakejima stay (Dinner)


Third day

morning (breakfast)

dolphin swimming

Around 12:20 departure(Miyakejima 13:30)

Around 19:50 (July〜 Aug. 20:45) Arrive at  Tokyo Takeshiba Pier

◆ The above schedule is subject to change or cancellation due to weather and ocean conditions.

◆ The departure time of the dolphin boat varies depending on the weather and crowds. It will be decided on the day.




Meeting place on the day
In front of Restaurant HARBOR in Takeshiba Pier Passenger Terminal
◆ Takeshiba Pier is about a 10-minute walk from JR Hamamatsucho Station.
Take the monorail Yurikamome,2 stops ​from Shimbashi Station, on the 1st floor of Takeshiba Station

* Boarding tickets will be given at the meeting place on the day.
If you will be late, be sure to call us or make a contact with messenger APP.


IMG_0374 2のコピー.jpeg

For guests staying on Mikurashima


Please make a reservation for the return helicopter.
There are many cases where the round-trip Tokai Kisen to Mikurashima is canceled.
Please make a reservation for the return helicopter in case the return ship is cancelled.
Please check this out for details.

When Tokai Kisen is canceled / Helicopter information

Lunch information

There are no restaurants or shops selling lunch on the island.
Lunch is "Fukumaru Shoten / Mikurashima Seaweed Bento"


It's limited in quantity and require reservations.

Please let us know at the time of booking your tour.

If you do not apply, please prepare your own lunch.

​※Miyakejima stay:There are super market and restaurants


* Mikurashima stay will be a separate room for men and women.
Please refrain from applying if you cannot share a room.

*In the case of staying at Miyakejima, if there is a vacancy, a private room can be accommodated.
(One room for two people +2,000 / One room for one person +4,000)

*Tokai Kisen is a round-trip 2nd class seat.
If you would like an upper class cabin, please specify it at the time of booking.
Transfers are only possible if there are seats available.
Transfer UP fee: 2nd class → Special 2nd class + 4,000 yen (July-August + 5,000 yen) (one way / 1 person)

(May fluctuate due to soaring crude oil prices)

*You can see the inside of the ship on the Tokai Kisen website.
(The ship is the Tachibana Maru, and part of the time it will be the Sarubia Maru.)

 Tachibanamaru   New Salvia Maru(Coming into service in July 2020)


There is a past log at the bottom
​You can see the tours and water temperature for the past few years

◆The Kuroshio current and general water temperature can be viewed on this site, so please check before departure.

(Kanto-Tokai Sea Conditions Bulletin/Izu Islands Sea Area)

◆Since the port of Mikurashima Island faces the west, it will be difficult for Tokai Kisen to dock if the west wind blows or swells enter from the west.For a rough forecast, this site (Windy) is visually easy to understand.

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 0.52.36.png

(canceled due to bad weather)
(water temperature)

Apr.7-9 Mikurajima Canceled

Apr.22-24 blog Mikura 20℃

Apr.28-May.1 blog  Mikura 21℃

May.3-6 ​blog  Mikura 22
May.13-15 Mikura Canceled
May.26-2 ​blog MIYAKEJIMA 23

​June 3-11 Hokkaido Orca tour  blog 

June 13-15 blog  Mikura 23

June 18-20 blog Mikura 23

June 23-25 ​​blog MIYAKEJIMA 24

June 29-July 1 Mikura Canceled

July 5-7 ​blog Mikura 26

July 11-13 blog Mikura 21

July 15-17blog MIYAKEJIMA 25

July 20-22 blog Mikura 29

July 27-29 ​​blog MIYAKEJIMA 30

Aug.1-3 blog MIYAKEJIMA 30

Aug.11-13 Mikura Canceled

Aug.18-20 ​​blog MIYAKEJIMA 30

Aug.25-27 blog  MIYAKEJIMA 29

Aug.30-Sep.1 ​blog MIYAKEJIMA 29

Sep.1-3 blog  Mikura 28

Sep.6-8 Mikura Canceled

Sep.16-18 ​​blog MIYAKEJIMA 29

Sep.24-26 Mikura Canceled

Sep.29-Oct.1 MIYAKEJIMA 28

Oct.6-8 Mikura Canceled

Oct.13-15 MIYAKEJIMA 26

Oct.20-22 Mikura Canceled

Oct.25-27  Mikura 25

Nov.6-8 Mikura Canceled

Nov.10-12  Mikura Canceled

Blog Page

4/1-3(金-日)MIKURASOU 19℃
4/22-24(金-日)ship canceled

4/29-5/1(金-日)Miyake 22℃

5/4-6(水-金)Mikurasou 22℃

5/19-21(木-土)Mikurasou 20℃

5/27-29(金-日)ship canceled

6/4-7(土-火)Hokkaido Orca

6/11-13(土-月)ship cancelled

6/17-19(金-日)Cocosora 24℃


7/1-3(金-日)Miyake  27℃
7/8-10(金-日)Mikurasou 26℃

7/15-17(金-日)Miyake  27℃

7/29-31(金-日)Miyake  29℃


8/3-6(水-土)Hotel cloled(COVID-19) 
8/3-5(水-金)Miyake 29℃

8/11-13(木祝-土)Typhoon cancelled

8/19-21(金-日Miyake 29℃
8/26-28(金-日)Miyake 31℃

9/3-5(土-月)Typhoon cancelled

9/8-10(木-土)Cocosora 31℃


9/19-21(月祝-水)Typhoon cancelled

9/22-24(木-土連休)Typhoon cancelled

9/28-30(水-金)Mikurasou 26℃

10/8-10(土-月祝)Ship cancelled

10/14-16(金-日Miyake 26℃


10/30-11/1(日-火)Mikurasou 25℃

11/9-12(水-土)Mikurasou 24℃

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