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diving tour

Izu area day trip ~ Okinawa ~ overseas

Izu day trip diving tour


Tours are basically on a request basis.

this calendarPlease request an available day from

Basic tour fee(tax included)
* Tanks, weights, facility usage fees, guides, liability insurance premiums included
​※ Ofuna or Atami pick-up round-trip transportation included

​ Click here for snorkeling and skin diving tours

​2 beach dive ​ price list(excluding tax)

※ Skin Diving ー¥5,000

​ * Minimum number of participants:2 people
(+¥4,000 for one-on-one)

Enoura ¥15,000

Higashiizu ¥17,000

(Hatsushima/Futo/Ocean Park/Ito)
* Hatsushima (Atami - Hatsushima ferry ¥2,640 separately)

Nishiizu ¥18,000


​2 Boat ¥25,000

(Zushi/Ito/Atami wreck/Ajiro/Futo)
*Atami caves are only available from October to March (wrecks are available all year round)

Mikomoto 2 boats ¥27,000

Experience diving: ¥ 16,500
It will be held at the beach points of Enoura, Osezaki and Futo

Dolphin swim school/pool
Yugawara course ¥9,900/Yokohama training session ¥6,600

◆Equipment rental fee◆

BC ¥2,500/Regulator set ¥2,500

Wet suit ¥2,000/Dry suit ¥3,000

Mask ¥500/Snorkel ¥500

Fins ¥500 /Boots ¥500

Glove ¥300/hood ¥300/Best ¥500

Digital camera: ¥2,000 (Olympus TG series/skin diving only)

​ *Free weight rental

Overseas/Okinawa/Izu Islands

​We will make a request tour for 3 or more people!

Please feel free to contact us

Minimum number of participants: 2 people
On the day, if there is only one customer (one-on-one), ¥ 4,000 UP


◆Meeting time and place

As a general rule, we will meet at 07:30 in front of Ofuna Station or at 10:00 on site.(In the case of meeting Ofuna, free transportation to the site is included)

*Atami station pick-up is also possible (9:00)

Ofuna 07:00 during the summer, weekends, and consecutive holidays when the tour location and congestion are expected.

​ Click here for the meeting place in front of Ofuna Station


Price includes: Facility usage fee, local actual cost, tank weight rental fee, guide fee, transportation from the meeting place to the site,
Not included in price: Eating and drinking expenses, equipment rental fee, consumption tax

◆Payment method: Please pay by cash or PAYPAY on the day.


◆ Cancellation policy 
◇ If canceled due to customer's convenience: A cancellation fee of ¥ 5,000 will be charged from the day before to the day. (Free up to 3 days before)
◇ If you cancel diving due to customer's convenience after participating on the day, we will not be able to refund the fee.  
◇ After departure, if diving is canceled due to weather or sea conditions, we will refund ¥5,000 per beach and ¥7,000 per boat.


Refresh course: Tour fee + ¥2,200
If you have more than one year blank from the last dive, please take a refresher course for safety.
(We will review basic skills and practice weak points at beach points)

◆ In the poolRefresh Course / Overcoming Weaknesses Course: ¥14,000

Those with long blanks. If you are not good at descending, are not good at neutral buoyancy, or are not good at pulling out your ears, we recommend that you practice in the pool where you can calm down. (Yugawara indoor pool)

Guide staff: RYO YAMAZAKI
NAUI Diving Instructor


30 years of experience as an instructor

Customize your day according to your tastes and skillsWe will guide you with safety first.

In addition to diving and skin diving domestic/overseas tours, we also hold many tours for dolphins and whales.

​ Please join us!

From 2022 BIG TOUR 

Reservations and provisional reservations are now being accepted!

(​Overseas depends on Corona.....?)

🔹Sri Lanka Blue Whale Tour February

🔹Kumejima Whale Swim Tour March

🔹Philippines dugong tour March

🔹Saipan Tour April/December

🔹Shiretoko/killer whale tour June


🔹Russia Spotted Seal Tour July

🔹Tahiti Humpback Whale Tour September

🔹La Paz Sea Lion & Whale Tour October/November

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