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Entry from spotting dolphins - how to play


How far is it to the point where the dolphins are? Dolphins are

Since you are swimming around the island and moving around, the point is where you happen to happen to be.

Sometimes it's right after leaving the ship, and sometimes it's more than 30 minutes later. very rarely

vinegarHowever, when the sea is rough, the boat may not be able to go to the waters where the dolphins live.

When you look at the surface of the water, you can see flying fish and turtles ♪
It takes about 2 hours from departure to return.

When the sea conditions are bad, you can't go to the place where the dolphins are, or you can't see them much.

​It is recommended to do the dolphin swim twice, as it may be put away.



First, remember which ship you are on.

When there are many ships, the ship to return to isYou won't understand!

"Somehow Maru" is written next to the ship.

After boarding, let's sit down so that the number of people is evenly distributed on the left and right. it's a small boat

The balance is quite delicate.If you sit on the edge of the boat, you will fall when the boat rocks.

Please try to sit inside the boat.


dolphin spotting

1. When the ship departs, look out for dolphins and dolphins.

The trick is to look around a wide range without staring at a single point.

If you don't have to look for it, you can tell me, but it's nice to find it yourself!

2. When you see a dolphin, the captain or guide will call out to you to prepare.

Put on your fins and mask and be ready to enter the ocean at any time.

3. When you spot a dolphin, find out which direction it is swimming.

Let's check it out.

4. There will be instructions to enter from the left or right side of the boat, so please follow them.

Prepare your entry. (Entry: Entering the sea from a ship)

The entry method differs depending on the ship.



5. Get into the sea as soon as possible when you hear a voice saying, "Come in!"

If you are slow, you will end up "botchan after the dolphins pass by".

However, please check the surface of the water carefully so that you do not fall on the person who entered first.


※Note Even if a dolphin is right next to you, jump in at your own discretion before it calls out.

please don'tIt is very dangerous because the ship is moving and the propeller is turning.


6. After entering the sea, check the direction again and head in the direction of the dolphins.

move on the water surface.Many people dash towards the dolphins, but

The dolphins will run away if you come.
Wait in the direction of the dolphin's movement, and if you swim close to the dolphin, it will follow you all the way.
It will increase your chances.

It's a good idea to follow the guide instead of swimming blindly.


7. Dolphins are always below you (in the water).
Look around the water without looking up
Let's move while
Left and right as well as forwardLook forward and backward.

If you don't understand, raise your head and look at the instructions of the guide or the captain.


Approach ~ How to play

Beginners can enjoy just watching from the surface of the water without trying to dive forcibly.

The dolphins also come close to the surface of the water when they play, so when you come close, follow the movements of the dolphins.

Let's swim like spinning on the surface of the water.


If you are an experienced person, the probability of being able to play will increase if you try to dive below.

If possible, take turns so that someone is always diving in the water,repeat skin diving
Please. If you look at the dolphins from the surface and meet their eyes, dive in.
As you go along,
They are more likely to play with you around the soba.

Do your best not to miss the timing!

Of course, touching the dolphins is prohibited, but you can stretch your hand near the dolphins,
If you wave your hand around, it will dislike it and run away.

It is best to hold the camera by tightening your armpits without extending your hand.
It is a trick to take good pictures without being disliked by dolphins.


If you are good at skin diving, the dolphins will show interest and play around you all the time.

Practice a lot and get better!However, do not overdo it. Breathing when moving on the water surface

Don't overdo it when you're on the rise or when you're tiredpleaseUnreasonable breath holding is also prohibited.

I can affordPlease stay within range.


repeat entry-exit

Dolphin swim is not just one time. It takes about 2 hours, depending on the sea conditions.

Repeat entry/exit several times in the process.

If you get tired, don't overdo it and take a rest.


When returning to the ship ~Exit

Once the dolphins are gone, the whole group gathers and waits for the ship to come.
Either wait or swim back to the ship.
When there are many ships, do not go to other ships
Please be careful.
I will take the ladder down from the ship, so please go up one by one.
While waiting, keep an eye on the boat and be careful not to go behind the boat.

Fins are basically worn backwards up the ladder.

When you get on the ship, please move to make room for the next person.



Follow the rules and have fun


The sea area around Mikurashima Island is a place for dolphins to give birth and raise their children, as well as a place where they spend their entire life socially.

It is important to know about dolphins and act like dolphins.  
We humans and dolphinsSo that we can coexist forever Let's have fun while observing manners and rules.


Do not touch dolphins or reach out towards dolphins

Even we don't like being touched by people we don't know.

There is also a possibility that disgusting dolphins will never approach humans again.
Even if they come close to you, they will run away just by touching your hand like breaststroke.  

When you swim, use your fins well and don't hurt your hands.


Do not chase a pod of dolphins with calves

Groups with newborn dolphins are nervous.

Never approach or chase from here.


Don't chase dolphins that have no interest in humans

Even dolphins don't like it, and chasing them just makes you tired!
Don't chase dolphins as they swim away, look around and behind you.
They will come right behind you unexpectedly.


Stay away from dolphins in a condition called entanglement

The dolphins, entwined in a vortex, can be agitated and dangerous.

Just watch quietly from the surface so as not to disturb them.


Underwater camera flash is prohibited

It can stress the dolphins.

Be sure to turn off the camera setting.

No selfie sticks allowed

Long sticks can hit dolphins and hurt people around them.
Long GoPro arms are prohibited. Use short grips (up to 20 cm).
Dolphins dislike and run away even if you extend your hand holding a camera.
It is better to hold the camera close to your body with your armpits tightened.

Dive computer alarms and other sounds that make sounds are prohibited

Dolphin communication may be hindered.
Please turn off the alarm sound such as surfacing warning, or do not bring it into the water.

About sunscreen

Items containing UV absorbers that are harmful to marine life are prohibited.
Please use what is written as UV absorber free (not used).


Have fun within your own level and physical strength

Knowing your limits is important. Don't overdo it and rest when you feel tired or cold.

Lack of sleep and hangovers are also big enemies. Safety first!


Precautions for Dolphin Swim


pay attention to your surroundings

It's easy to get lost in the dolphins during the dolphin swim, but look around from time to time to make sure you're not separated from your group. It can't be helped to leave a little, but let's figure out where you are.

Many dolphin watching boats are crowded on weekends and during the season. If only one person leaves, it is difficult to find it from the ship, and it is dangerous because it may be hit by another ship.


Do not dive near ships

If you dive near the ship, you will not be able to see yourself from the ship. move the ship without noticingIt can also be stowed away, so you don't hit your head on the bottom of the ship or get caught in the propeller when surfacing.Not necessarily. Never dive near the ship.


do not go behind the boat

There is a screw behind the ship and it is very dangerous. Also, the captain cannot see it.

Do not go behind the center of the boat, including during entry and exit.


do not go near the shore

Dolphin swims are done around the island, but if you get too close to the shore, the waves will keep you on your feet.

It may wash up on the shore. Also, in shallow water near the shore, people often hit their heads against rocks.

Beware of waves and currents and don't get too close to the shorePlease be careful.


Look up when you float

After descending, when ascending, be sure to look up at the surface of the water and check for obstacles.

Avoid hitting the bottom of the boat, getting kicked by other divers, or hitting dolphins.

be careful.


Do not hold your breath forcibly

Unreasonable breath holding can cause blackout (fainting) and is very dangerous. Be aware of your breath-holding limits during practice and do not force yourself to dive too long. As long as you can afford it.


wave to the ship in case of emergency

If you feel cramped, have trouble breathing, or feel any danger, wave your hand (and if possible out loud) and let the people around you and the boat know. (Waving on the surface of the water is an SOS sign. Please don't do it when it's not relevant.)


when the sea is rough

It is your responsibility to decide whether to enter the sea when there are waves or currents. Sometimes the guide or captain decides. Let's put safety first.

Measures against seasickness

Seasickness is the number one enemy of dolphin swimming.

During the dolphin swim, stay on the boat for 2-3 hours!

If you are not used to boats, please think that you will get seasick!


Tips to prevent seasickness

◆Do not look down at nearby objects.

Most people who are vulnerable to seasickness are looking down and doing their best, but this is the pattern that makes them the most prone to seasickness.

I feel sick. The best thing to do is close your eyes.


The belief that "I'm probably okay" is dangerous.

If you have little experience on a boat, be sure to take "sickness medicine".

The recommended medicine is the one in the photo."Anneron Varnish Cap"(There is also syrup for children)

*At pharmacies and drugstores: ¥1,000 for 6 tablets
​ (other motion sickness medicines are not very effective for seasickness)

*For those who are particularly weak, it is effective to take one tablet before boarding the Tokai Kisen, and one tablet before boarding the dolphin ship the next day.


◆Jellyfish measures

Jellyfish bites are common.

When stung by deadly poisonous jellyfish such as bonito and Andon jellyfish, not only does the face swell up,
Be careful as the whole body may go numb or go into shock.

Try to avoid exposing your skin as much as possible and use anti-jellyfish cream to protect yourself.

jellyfish repellent lotion "Jerry's Guard" "Safe Sea"
If you apply it, you will hardly get stungEven if you get stung, you can rest assured that the damage will be minimal.

We also sell it at our store, so please let us know if you would like to purchase it. (¥2,400)
* Jerry's GuardIt does not contain ingredients harmful to the sea.
(We do not recommend using SPF50 type as it will make your face look white like an idiot.)

* Only the "Kids for Sensitive Skin" in the photo does not contain harmful ingredients. Anything else is prohibited.

(Jellyfish repelling effect is the same)

​ Sun protection

During the dolphin swim, you will be exposed to the sun on the boat for more than 2 hours, so be sure to take sun protection!

However, regarding sunscreen, it is said to be harmful to marine life.Items containing UV absorbers are prohibited.

I will assume. (Please note that most of the products on the market contain this product.)
When purchasing
"UV Absorber Free"Choose the one that says
Commercially available products include "Coppertone Blue".

Very popular among sea lovers!

100% natural sunscreen that does not contain any harmful substances and is gentle on the sea and skin.
"Little Hands Hawaii"It is on sale in our shop. (Stick type for partial coatingthere is also)

Eco-friendly sunscreen made by the Australian Lifesaving Association

"​SLS Sunscreen"

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