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Information on the island and accommodation

Surround yourself with nature

Mikurashima is a beautiful island surrounded by nature.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a leisurely slow life in nature!

It may be a little inconvenient, but it will surely remain as a wonderful memory.


Mikurashima has the second largest annual rainfall in Japan after Yakushima!

In the virgin forest, which is also famous as a giant tree forest, there is a shii tree called Sudajii, which is the largest in Japan. covering the

​The “waterfall” that flows into the sea is unique to Mikurashima.

Most of the islands in Japan suffer from chronic water shortages, but Mikurashima is an island where water springs out.

The water of Mikurashima Island is so delicious that it is sold in plastic bottles as “Mikura no Gensui”.

There is also a place where you can drink the natural water directly.

It is also famous as a production area of boxwood, and Mikura boxwood work has supported the economy of the island since long ago as a luxury item.


More and more people are enjoying hiking.

(Except for some areas, a guide is required when entering the mountain)

If you would like to arrange a local guide, please let us know.

*Advance reservations are required for mountain tours.

If you have time, please enjoy the great nature of Mikurashima.

Can only be seen on Mikurashima? Hidden celebrities!

Streaked Shearwater/Mikuramiyama Stag Beetle

Accommodation information

You can stay at either "Hotel Mikuraso", "Yado Marui" or "Cocosola".

It will be as per schedule.


Mikurasou (Mikurajima) The only hotel on Mikurashima, it is a very beautiful hotel run by a village.

Cocosola (Mikurajima) It is New. Open in 2021 It is a fashionable pension next to Fukumaru Shoten.

Each inn is very popular for its delicious dishes made with seasonal ingredients from Mikurashima!

Toilets and bathrooms are shared. Shampoo and body soap are provided in the bathroom.

There are no towels, pajamas, etc., so please bring your own.


The rooms will be shared rooms for men and women.
We cannot accept reservations for those who cannot share a room.

Please note that we will distribute 2 to 3 rooms according to the ratio of men and women.

Miyakejima Birdiy

Miyakejima Birdy is a cottage type inn. Eleven cottages in the woods

​Family/friends/groups can rent out one building. (Room for 2-3 people)

Private rooms are available only when there are vacancies (except during busy periods).

Click here for Miyakejima Stay


IMG_9359-e1346679323748 2.jpg
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IMG_9352 2のコピー.jpg

Mikurashima Memo


・About 200km south-southwest from Tokyo.

・Circumference 16km. It is a small island with a population of about 300 people, with an area roughly the same as Minato Ward in Tokyo.

・There are only two izakayas, two grocery stores, and a souvenir shop on the island, and there are no convenience stores or family restaurants.

・Restaurant “Yamaya” and “Bibian” are closed (2021)

(Please prepare your own breakfast and lunch on the day of arrival.)

(Lunch is curry at Kamburi / Fukumaru Shoten only serves Mikurashima seaweed bento / Reservation required)

・Izakaya Kamburi: Izakaya with a stylish atmosphere like a cafe bar

・Groceries: Nishikawa Shoten and Yamaichi Shoten.

・Souvenir shop: “Fukumaru Shoten” full of cute dolphin goods! (Credit card/PAYPAY accepted)


・One elementary and junior high school. There is also a nursery school.


・If you send a postcard at the post office in Mikurashima, it will be stamped with a dolphin postmark, so it will be a good souvenir♪


・There is no bank, but you can withdraw cash with various cards at the post office ATM.

・Credit cards cannot be used on the island except at Fukumaru Shoten. Only cash is accepted for accommodation and hotel payments.

・There is a clinic, but there is no pharmacy. You can not buy sea sickness medicine or over-the-counter medicine on the island, so please bring your own.

・You can use Docomo/AU/Softbank; mobile phones, but the signal condition may be poor.
(Radio waves are 3G. Urban carriers cannot be used)

・There is Mikurashima-free-WiFi. (public Wifi)

・The only means of transportation on the island are by foot and car. Bicycles are prohibited as there are many slopes.
・There are no rental cars, buses or taxis. Just walk the road full of slopes!

・There are steep cliffs around the island except for the harbor, and there are no beaches. Snorkeling practice etc. will be done in the harbor.

・It is prohibited to walk on the island in swimwear. Please be sure to wear something.

・Access to Mikurashima is only one trip per day by Tokai Kisen from Tokyo.

・There is a helicopter that goes around Oshima, Miyakejima, and Hachijojima once a day..


・If you want to know more,  Mikurashima Tourist Information Center homepage


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