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Izu day trip skin diving / snorkeling

¥12,000(tax included)
* Ofuna pickup +1,000

​ will be held at any time upon request

(this calendarPlease select from the blank days)

In the sea of Izu where you can go on a day trip
Enjoy snorkeling/skin diving!

Location: Enoura/Futo/Ocean Park/Osezaki/Ida
◆ The snorkeling point will select a calm place depending on the ocean conditions on the day

A veteran guide familiar with the sea of Izu will show you the special underwater world.

During the tour, I carry a float (floating device), so I don't have to worry if my legs cramp.

(Guides are qualified under the Emergency First Aid Law)

Please enjoy the underwater world on your special holiday.


Basic schedule

07:30 Meet Ofuna (or local meeting 10:00 depending on location)

​ *Atami station pick-up (9:00) is also possible. Please contact us.

Around 10:00 Arrive at the site

Snorkeling/skin diving 2 times (about 1 hour once with lunch in between)

​End around 15:00

Around 18:00 Return to Ofuna



◆ ¥12,000 (tax included) (Please pay by cash or PAYPAY on the day)


◆ What is included in the price

  ・ Facility usage fee (changing room, shower, toilet)

  ・ Guide fee

  ・Weight rental fee

  ・ Liability insurance premium

◆ What is not included in the price

  Food and drink (please bring your own lunch/stop at a convenience store on the way)

  ・Parking fee for those arriving by car (¥1,100/day)

  ・ Rental fee (wet suit ¥ 2,200 / fins + socks ¥ 770 / mask ¥ 550/Snorkel ¥550 )

*It is mandatory to wear a wet suit.

◆ Cancellation fee
・3 days before to the day before 20% On the day 50%

​Participation conditions

10 years old and above
A healthy person who can do snorkeling without difficulty.

Minimum number of participants  2Name(Maximum 6 people)

​In the case of one-on-one on the day, it will be ¥ 4,000 UP.

Meeting place on the day

◆ Pick up at JR Ofuna Station (Meet at 7:30 +1,000 yen)Click here for meeting place

 JR Atami station pickup is also possible (9:00)

◆By carFor those who meet locally, we will inform you of the meeting time and place after applying


◆ Contact information on the day

090-2153-3798 Yamazaki

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