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dolphin swim school

​Snorkeling/skin diving school

◆This is a school for beginners to intermediate level students.

I want to swim with dolphins! I want to swim better!
This is the school for you!

A master instructor with 30 years of experience as a dolphin swim guide

I will teach you how to dive beautifully easily

Not only beginners, but also those who are doing it in their own way are welcome
Once you learn properly, it's easy enough to make a mistake
You will be able to dive with a beautiful form!

Scheduled date

10/2 (Sun) 10/13 (Thu) 10/18 (Tue) 
Miura ・Mitohama Beach Bum


◆On other days than the above, the course can be held at any time upon request.
calendar belowPlease select an available day from ​
(The pool is closed on the first Tuesday and Wednesday)

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July-October:Miura Mitohama Beach Bum (outdoor pool)
11:30 Ofuna / 12:30 Keikyu Misakiguchi Station (50 minutes from Yokohama Station)


November-June:Ito Marine Road (indoor pool)
10:30 Ofuna / 12:30 Pick up at Ito Station


*Yugawara pool will be closed in August 2022

*13:00 for those arriving by car
Click here for Ofuna meeting place

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Fee¥10,000(excluding tax)
*In the case of one-on-one on the day, +¥3,000
Equipment rental fee

Wetsuit ¥1,000 / Fins, mask, snorkel ¥500 each
*Wetsuits are required as the pool is not heated.

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For intermediate to advancedYokohama International Pool Practice MeetingPlease also use

(We do not offer beginner training in Yokohama.)

Click here to make a reservation


It is recommended for such people!
・ Those who are going to dolphin swim from now on
・ Those who want to be able to dive more before going to the next dolphin swim
・ Those who are new to snorkeling
・ Those who can snorkel but are not good at diving

・Those who do it in their own way and cannot get good at it
・ Those who want to learn skin diving properly from the basics

・Please use it for practice and conditioning for intermediate to advanced players.
・We will give lessons so that you can improve without difficulty according to your level.

・If you are unsure about choosing equipment, you can also monitor fins and masks.
・We also offer safety classes for families, so please let us know if you would like to participate.


*Difference between snorkeling and skin diving
Snorkeling means swimming on the surface of the water or diving a little in shallow water depths of 1 to 2m.
Dive deeper than that and swim underwater is called skin diving / free diving.

◆Lesson contents

Beginner lesson + practice session(beginner to intermediate)
Lesson time: about 3 hours(This is a rough estimate)

*The following is a rough overview. We will build the lesson content according to the customer's level and purpose / goal.
◆ Basic course of snorkeling

Basic snorkeling practice in a shallow swimming pool
・How to swim with correct posture.

・How to do a correct fin kick

・Snorkel clear (How to get out the water in the snorkel)
How many meters can you swim while holding your breath? (Gradually increase the distance)
Try swimming with different fins
(If you wish, you can monitor the fins. Use several types of fins to find the fins that suit you.) 

◆ Basic course of skin diving (how to dive)
Practice skin diving (how to dive) in a diving pool with a depth of 3.5 + 4.75m

・Ascertaining the appropriate amount of weight when wearing a wet suit
・How to descend smoothly without waste (Jackknife)
・Correct ear removal method
・Practice aiming at several goals such as swimming distance and time
・In order to be able to swim freely in the water ~Tips for holding your breath. How to turn and rotate
・ How to swim that dolphins like ♪

◆ Participation conditions ◆
Those who are new to snorkeling, those who want to learn the basics of skin diving properly ~ intermediate level
・Kids from elementary school age. Seniors are welcome to participate as well.

・Please use it for intermediate to advanced players for practice and pre-season conditioning.
*Please let us know in advance if you have heart, respiratory, or other health problems. Physician approval may be required.

* If you have a history of corona infection and have pneumonia symptoms or aftereffects, a doctor's written consent is required.


◆ Fee ¥10,000(tax not included)

*In the case of one-on-one on the day, +¥3,000

*Please pay in cash or PAYPAY on the day.

rental fee(excluding tax)

・Fins, mask, snorkel ¥500 each
・Wet suit ¥ 1,000 (required)
​・Free weight rental

*Wetsuits are required as this is not a heated pool.

◆It is possible to monitor the fins. (Please let us know when you make a reservation)(¥500)
If you don't know what kind of fins suit you and want to try them out, you can monitor the fins.
If you are interested, please let us know in advance the fins you are currently using and the type of fins/foot size you want to monitor.
Monitorable Fins: GULL Emden, Mew, Super Mew, Warp Fin, Barracuda, TUSA Kyle

*Rental fins are AQA dolphin color.

◆Information on using the pool

Basic practice in the shallow pool in the first half.

The second half is a diving pool with a depth of 5m.

◆About the use of weights
Weights can be rented free of charge.

◆ What to prepare
・Swimsuit ・Rash Guard ・Towel ・Swim Cap 
・Fins ・Mask ・Snorkel ・Wet suit

* If you need equipment rental, please let us know at the time of application.

◆ Cancellation policy

If canceled due to customer's convenience, 50% cancellation fee will be charged from the day before to the day.

◆ Guidance at the time of meeting

July-October:Miura Mitohama Beach Bum (Outdoor pool) 11:30 Ofuna / 12:30 Keikyu Misakiguchi Station (50 minutes from Yokohama Station)

November-June:Ito Marine Road (indoor pool)10:30 Ofuna / 12:30 Pick up at Ito Station
13:00 for local gathering by car
Click here for Ofuna meeting place

After mastering the basics
Go to Yokohama International Pool Practice!

Instructor: RYO YAMAZAKI
dolphin swim instructor
NAUI Diving Instructor


30 years of experience as a dolphin swim guide
We hold about 30 Mikurashima dolphin swim tours and domestic and international dolphin and whale related tours every year.

The trick to swimming well with dolphins is to aim for a swimming style that allows the dolphins to approach you without chasing you or heading towards you.
Learn the skills to swim safely and enjoy the sea together!

Instructor: RYO YAMAZAKI
Dolphin Swim Instructor / NAUI Diving Instructor

30 years of dolphin swimming experience
We hold about 30 Mikurashima dolphin swim tours every year, as well as domestic and overseas dolphin and whale related tours.

The trick to swimming well with dolphins is to aim for a swimming style that allows the dolphins to approach you without chasing you or heading towards you.
Learn the skills to swim safely and enjoy the sea together!

Equipment required for dolphin swim

Ease of swimming is definitely different by choosing equipment that suits your physical strength and level.

Our shop specializes in dolphin swimming and skin diving.
Our staff who are well versed in equipment actually try and sell only the best equipment, so please use it with confidence.

We will also answer your questions about equipment selection.


1. The minimum requirements for dolphin swimming areunderwater mask, snorkel and fins3-piece set of

2.for wearing finsbootsormarine socks

3.Anti-fog mask is also required. (Anti-fogging with saliva is prohibited to prevent corona infection)

Four.wetsuitis worn for heat retention and buoyancy. (alternative to life jackets)

5. In the summer when the water temperature is hightapper(wet suit upper body only) etc. can also be substituted.

6. Avoid exposing your skin as much as possible to protect your body from jellyfish damage, sunburn, and injuries.

Jellyfish prevention cream/sunscreen

​◆ There are jellyfish in the sea regardless of the season.

Not only does it hurt when you get stung, but if it is highly toxic, you may get numbness and difficulty breathing, and you may be sent to the hospital.

Even in summer, avoid exposing your skin as much as possible, and apply anti-jellyfish cream to areas where skin is exposed, such as your face.

It minimizes damage in the unlikely event that you are stung.

​◆ Dolphin swims are exposed to the sun for about two hours.

Be sure to wear sunscreen, especially in the summer when the UV rays are strong.

Choose eco-friendly products

Harmful to coral and marine life that is regulated at overseas resortsDo not use products containing UV absorbersis.

All jellyfish prevention creams and sunscreens sold at our store are eco-friendly products that do not contain harmful ingredients.

Little Hands Hawaii: Popular No.1! 100% natural ingredients!Earth-friendly sunscreen from Hawaii

jerry's guard: Marine-friendly anti-jellyfish cream developed by a research team of high school students

Safety for Kids: Jellyfish prevention cream. This product does not contain harmful ingredients.for Kids only(same prevention effect)
SLS Sunscreen: Eco-friendly sunscreen developed by an Australian lifesaving organization

Click here for jellyfish prevention cream/sunscreen


There are many types of underwater masks, but they differ in size, material and shape of the part that touches the face.

If it does not fit your face, water will easily enter and it will be difficult to use, so be careful when purchasing.

Choose a silicone material for the part that touches your face.
​ We recommend a lens with a small inner volume and a short distance between the face and the lens because it has a wide field of view and is easy to clear the mask.

🔹the underwater maskhere

KS_3073_smoke 2.jpg

Choose a snorkel that is easy to hold and easy to clear when water comes in.

 GULL Layla Stable(for women)canal stable(for men) is recommended.

Cheap ones are fine, but those with a valve at the top to prevent water from entering are only for playing on the surface of the water.It cannot be used for dolphin swimming or skin diving as there is a risk of suffocation when diving underwater.

🔹Click here for snorkel


It is important to choose fins that match your leg strength, swimming ability, and level.
We recommend the full-foot type, which is not a strap type, and is made of rubber.
Plastic fins and diving fins are not recommended as they make it difficult to swim on the surface and make you tired.


GULL Emden: small fins for beginners

Gull Mew: Best-selling fins that can be used by everyone from beginners to advanced users!

GULL Warp Fin: For intermediate to advanced students who have graduated from MU.
​ *Super Mew is for scuba diving and difficult to use for dolphin swimming.

Gull Barracuda: The world's highest grade rubber fin boasting excellent propulsion and ease of use for intermediate to advanced users!

* Many carbon fins and plastic fins for free diving such as leader fins lack repulsive force, making it difficult to turn and not effective for small turns, so we do not recommend them for dolphin swimming. Also, fins with sharp ends may inadvertently injure dolphins or people around them, so please fully understand the characteristics of the fins before using them.

🔹Click here for fins


for wearing finsfin socksorboots.

​Increases the feeling of close contact with the fins and protects your feet from slippage and injuries. It also retains heat.

🔹Click here for boots and socks

スクリーンショット 2022-06-21 16.30.08 4.jpeg

Wetsuits play an important role in retaining heat and ensuring buoyancy. (It will replace the life jacket when I say yes)

Depending on the material of the fabric, the price may be on the low side, but high-quality fabrics have the advantage of being warm and elastic and easy to move around in. There is a marked difference in heat retention and mobility between ready-made sizes and custom-made ones that are made to fit your measurements.

When purchasing, please consult us to choose a solid one.

For skin diving in the summer when the water temperature is high or at a resortTupperware (jacket type), which is only for the upper body, is fine.

Weight when wearing a wet suit (weight)is required.

The amount of weight varies from person to person, so be sure to keep track of it during practice.

🔹Click here for Rashguard and Inner

🔹Click here for wetsuits

swim with wild dolphins

Mikurashima Dolphin Swim Tour 


30 years of swimming with dolphins!Held about 30 times a year!
Leave the Mikurashima tour to DIVE KIDS, a dolphin swim specialist!

Click here for information on ​Mikurashima Dolphin Swim Tour

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