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La Paz sea lionTours
​ + Jinbe Swim


6 days of consecutive holidays

October 4-9, 2023(water-Monday holiday)

November 23-28, 2023(Thursday holiday-fire)

*Because direct flights to Mexican Airlines have been discontinued due to the corona crisis
It will be held while waiting for the resumption.

¥368,000(Preliminary price)
Tokyo - La Paz round-trip air ticket, local transportation expenses, hotel breakfast and lunch for 3 nights
Sea lion swim 2 days + whale swim 1 time included


Click here for the 2017 Tour
Click here for the 2018 Tour

The most naughty, friendly and cute in the world!
Have plenty of fun with California sea lions in La Paz
​ The most fun tour in the world❣️


A paradise for cheerful sea lions


A special trip using consecutive holidays where it is easy to take a break!
Let's play with the friendly sea lions of La Paz!


◆You can go there in 6 consecutive days!
◆The best season when the sea conditions are calm when naughty baby sea lions start playing!
◆ Easy diving with a charter boat

◆With longed-for Jinbei swim! (No extra charge!)

◆ You can participate in both scuba diving and skin diving!
◆Stay at a deluxe cathedral hotel in the city!
◆ Use the Cortes Club, a diving service that knows the sea of La Paz!


Watch Now


◆The best season for mischievous baby sea lions to start playing! 

It's the season when baby sea lions born between May and June are full of curiosity and start playing.
The best season when the sea is calm!
Let's play with naughty sea lions!

You can participate in scuba or skin diving!

Both scuba and skin diving people can enjoy together!
Snorkeling on the first day. The second day is based on scuba. Of course, skin diving alone is also OK.
*Please note that the point where babies are present is only scuba.
※ Please refrain from snorkeling beginners

◆ Easy diving with a chartered boat!

Since we are planning to charter a small boat, there is no mixed loading with other tourists. You can play plenty at your own pace!
The local shop is "Cortez Club" who knows the sea of La Paz
There are Japanese staff at the Cortez club, so you don't have to worry about the language.


◆You can go there in 6 consecutive days!
It is a schedule that makes it easy to take days off.

Direct to Mexico with Aeromexico.No troublesome US immigration!
Direct from Narita to Mexico City (there is a domestic transfer)
There is no transit in the United States, which has strict regulations.
​It will be a long flight, but the seats are spacious and the in-flight meals are delicious, so you can spend a comfortable time.

​ (Note) If Aeromexico is fully booked, other airlines (via the US) may be used.

◆Swim with the longing whale shark! (no additional charge)

Not just sea lions! This is the season when wild whale sharks appear around La Paz.
The final day is the longed-for Jinbei swim!
​ (Whale sharks are wild creatures. We do not feed them, so you may not be able to meet them.)
​ (Depending on the year, the number of animals that appear may be small and the event may not be possible due to local regulations.In that case, it will be changed to the sea bream swim.)

ラパス ジンベエザメ

Hotel Cathedral

A deluxe hotel and cathedral in a convenient city area
It is a 4-star hotel next to the church as the name of the cathedral
The security is good, so you can enjoy going out to the city in your free time.

pic (7)
pic (30)
pic (23)
pic (15)


Time is local time.( Departure/arrival flights, times, and airlines are subject to change.)

Time difference with Japan: -15 hours (La Paz) / -14 hours (Mexico City)

1st day
12:00 Arrive at Narita Airport ~ Check-in
14:25 Departure from Narita Date Line (approximately 12 hours/2 in-flight meals) 〜 136bad5cf58d_13 Arrive in Mexico City - Transit
15:10 Depart from Mexico City 〜 16:35 Arrive in La Paz〜To the hotel by car (about 30 minutes)
(Hotel stay)

2nd day

Sea lion snorkeling (morning/afternoon)
(Hotel stay: breakfast/diving lunch included)

3rd day

Sea lion 3DIVE equivalent (Participation in snorkeling is also possible)
​ (hotel stay: breakfast/diving lunch included)

4th day

Morning Jimbei Swim (with breakfast)

14:30 To La Paz Airport by car
17:10 Depart from La Paz Airport 〜 
20:20 Arrive in Mexico City

5th day
02:00 From Mexico City ~Date Line~ (approx. 14.5 hours / 2 in-flight meals) ~

6th day06:20 Narita Airport

Basic information

Where is La Paz?:Mexico United States Southern Baja California Sur.
Located at the tip of a long and narrow peninsula that extends below (south) Los Angeles, USA,
It is a city facing the Sea of Cortez, separated from the Pacific Ocean by a peninsula.

​Google map


Summer is the season for giving birth and raising children, so the main point is that entry into the sea is prohibited.
From September, you will be able to go to the point where the baby is.
Baby sea lions start playing with humans in October!
October to the first half of November is the best season when the sea is calm and the transparency is high! .
From the latter half of November, the monsoon winds will strengthen and diving will be off in winter.


Air/water temperature:Both air and water temperatures are around 28 degrees. Be careful of sunburn.
The water temperature is warm, but the sea lions may bite you, so a wet suit/gloves is a must! (smile)
The Jinbei Sea area has a lot of plankton, so rash guards and avoiding jellyfish are essential when snorkeling.
Please bring a long-sleeved shirt as it is cold inside buildings such as restaurants.

currency:US dollars are fine, but the rate will be higher, so we recommend you prepare pesos. (Exchange money at Narita)

50 US dollars + 3,000 pesos (about 25,000 yen) for food and drink and tip is a guideline. (excluding rental fee and souvenir fee)
1 peso = about 6 yen = 0.05 dollars. 1 US dollar = about 19 pesos = about 113 yen (as of September 2018)

cost of living:cheap! Roughly 1/3 of Japan.

time difference:-15 hours (La Paz) / -14 hours (Mexico City): Summer time

Voltage:110V, 60Hz. Outlet is A type (same as Japan)
Most electrical appliances in Japan are compatible with !00-240V, so you can use them as they are.


​ language:Spanish (English is spoken in restaurants and hotels)
The diving shop has Japanese staff, so you don't have to worry about the language when diving.

cooking:For dinner, go out into the city and enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine! (About 2,000 to 3,000 yen)

For dinner, it's like ordering a variety of menu items and splitting the bill with everyone. Please have cash ready.
*You can choose an American-style menu for breakfast at the hotel (charge included)
*Lunch (including price) during diving is a lunch box


water:Mineral water is required as the tap water is not drinkable.

chips:$1 per piece of luggage, $5 per day for tour guides. $10 per day for boat captain
10-15% of the bill at restaurants, unless service charge is included.


security: La Paz, which means peace in Spanish.
As the name suggests, it is safe and you can enjoy gourmet food and shopping in the night town without worry.
However, since it is a foreign country, please be careful of women walking alone, theft, etc.


cabin baggage:Up to 2 pieces of luggage up to 23 kg with dimensions not exceeding 158 cm


* Important
First of all, please apply as early as possible to secure your flight ticket!

The number of seats on the flight ticket will be gone soon, so please hold the plane with a provisional reservation first!
Your flight ticket will be secured at the time of your application.
Depending on the time of application, if the price increases, if the flight ticket cannot be secured, you may be placed on a waiting list.

There is no cancellation fee until the end of August. If you would like to make a provisional reservation, please apply as soon as possible.


* This tour is a nature observation program accompanied by a diving shop instructor.

AnyoneIt is possible to participate, but please do not make a mistake because it is different from a general personal trip.

Basic chargeincluded in

Narita - La Paz round-trip ticket (Aeromexico)
Local transportation expenses, consumption tax
3 nights hotel (cathedral)
The room will be a room for 2 people and a shared room for men and women. (Additional ¥21,000 for one room per person)

Meals: 3 breakfasts + 3 lunches
Sea lion 1day snorkeling + 1day diving + 1 whale swim
(1day = equivalent to 2-3DIVE. We will adjust depending on points and circumstances)
* Diving service used: Cortez Club

Not included in price

Fuel surcharge: ¥21,000 (as of February 1, 2020)
Narita Airport usage fee 2,660 yen

International tourist tax 1.000 yen
Mexico airport tax  8,500 yen

(Total of the above expenses: 33,160)

Eating and drinking expenses other than those listed in the itinerary: 3 dinners and 1 lunch are at actual cost. (The guideline for one dinner is around 2,000 to 3,000 yen.)

Other local expenses: Travel expenses from the hotel to the city (about 200 to 300 yen by splitting the taxi)
Equipment rental fee: Wet suit $10 / BC $10 / Regular $15 (1 day)

Prices are provisional based on 2019. It may fluctuate due to changes in economic conditions.

* About payment

Please pay the deposit of 50,000 yen (or the full amount) by the designated date notified after making a reservation.
Please pay the balance by the end of July.

※cancellation charge

After making a reservation, the following cancellation charges will be applied to the basic rate.
10% after 8/1 20% after 9/1 30% after 9/15 50% after 10/1
100% on the day

*Minimum number of participants 4 people
*Maximum number of people accepted9 people

*Tour sponsorship company: World Tour Planners Co., Ltd.

​ *Please let us know the following when making a reservation
・Your name/address/contact phone number (mobile phone)
・Domestic emergency contact name/relationship/address/telephone number

・A copy of your passport (photographs are acceptable) or the following clauses written in your passport
・Passport number/Romaji name/Gender/Date of birth/Nationality/Permanent domicile/Date of issue/Validity period
*If you do not have a passport, or if your passport has expired, please let us know your Roman name, gender, and date of birth​


2022 Tour

🔹Saipan Skin Diving Tour 12/1-5 Departure decision

It's an annual tour.

Overseas travel restrictions, etc.fluctuates depending on the situation

🔹Saipan Skin Diving Tour February


🔹Sri Lanka Blue Whale Tour February Undecided


🔹Kumejima/Humpback Whale Tour March

🔹Philippines dugong tour March

🔹Shiretoko/killer whale tour June

🔹Russia Spotted Seal Tour July Undecided

🔹Tahiti Humpback Whale Tour September Undecided

🔹La Paz Sea Lion & Whale Tour October/November

🔹Saipan Skin Diving Tour December

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