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Tokai Kisen conditional/cancellation helicopter guidance

◆ Regarding Tokai Kisen & conditional departure.

・When ocean conditions are uncertain,  conditional departure(Depart after acknowledging the possibility of not being able to dock).

・Because of the unpredictability of the ocean conditions around Mikurashima, in most cases (80-90%) of those going to Mikurashima conditional departure becomes.

Tokai Kisen website/Today operation status and
 Depending on the weather conditions, it may not be possible to operate conditional departure is.
Until the afternoon of the day, it is often △ weather survey in progress.
Tokai Kisen will announce the final decision around 17:00, but unless there is a typhoon, it will not be a cancellation but a conditional departure.

Past in-service rates are shown in the table below, but you can see that even in the same month, they can change from year to year.
The weather on Mikurashima is unstable and the weather forecast is unreliable.


​* Sea conditions change depending on various factors such as wind power, wind direction, atmospheric pressure distribution, wave height, and swell direction regardless of the weather.

​Please note that there may be sudden changes at the last minute.

Click here for past logs
​You can see the state of tours, the service status, and changes in water temperature over the past few years.

(For guests staying on Mikurashima Island)


◆ Because Mikurashima Port is easily affected by the weather

Tokai Kisen may not be able to dock at Mikurashima.
*In recent years, due to the effects of global warming, the sea around the Izu Islands has become rough and many flights have been canceled.

◆ In case the return ship is canceled

We recommend booking a helicopter on your return date.

Helicopter reservation: Toho Airlines Ailand Shuttle


Helicopter 1 flight per day / 9 seats only
Please make a reservation at least one month in advance, as it will fill up quickly.

phone reservationa month agofrom 9am Start accepting reservationswill be

Mikurashima → Miyakejimaplease take
(You can also wait for cancellation)
* If the bus bound for Miyakejima is fully booked, please reserve the bus bound for Hachijojima.
(It will be an ANA flight from Hachijo)


Online reservations start at 12:00, so it may be already full by phone at the reception start time.
We recommend that you make a reservation by phone.

*Some flights may be canceled for several days.Even if you can extend your stay, we recommend that you reserve a helicopter for the extended stay.

*If you stay overnight at Miyakejima, you do not need to make a reservation for the helicopter because cancellations are rare.

If you are concerned about round-trip cancellationMiyakejima stay planPlease consider



・Since the weather on the island is changeable and the weather forecast is unreliable, it is often necessary to change the schedule after departure.You may not be able to return on your scheduled date.

・If the outward trip is fine, but the sea conditions on the return day are unstable,Departure only for those who have a helicopter reservationmay be.

・If there is no helicopter reservation and the return ship is canceled, the stay will be extended. You may also be asked to refrain from departing.
・As a general rule, the fee for an extended stay is ¥13,000 for Mikuraso/Cocosola, and ¥10,000 for minshuku.
・In the past, there was a way to escape to Miyakejima by charter boat, but nowThere are not enough boats on Miyakejima to arrangeMost of the time.

・Please note that if the weather does not improve, it may be extended for 2 to 3 days or more.

*Mikurashima Port is sensitive to westerly winds and may be canceled if westerly winds exceed 5 meters.

Even if there is no wind, it may be canceled due to a typhoon or low pressure swell.

*The tour may be canceled if there is a high possibility that the outbound flight will be cancelled.

​ [In case of cancellation]

When the forecast is unstableWe will contact you after consulting with the locals, but we may wait until the last minute to see how things are going.

Please note that the final decision will be made around 15:00 on the day of departure. (If you live far away, please contact us before departure.)

Transfers when traveling by helicopter

*Operating hours and fares vary depending on the day, so please check the website of each operating company.

① To Miyakejima(Usually make a reservation here)

(Helicopter ¥5,870) 10:50 Depart from Mikura - Miyakejima 11:05→ (Tokai Kisen) Miyakejima 13:25-19:40 Tokyo (Summer 20:45)
(You can use the return ticket of HA Tokai Kisen from Miyakejima as it is.)
(Helicopter cancellation fee: ¥1,440 the day before / ¥2,840 on the day)

There is also a flight from Miyakejima from ¥17,500: Miyakejima 12:50-13:40 Chofu or Miyakejima 16:25-18:10 Chofu

② To Oshima(If you use a jet ship, you can go home early.)

(Helicopter ¥14,200) Depart from Mikura at 10:50 and arrive at Oshima at 11:30 → (jet boat ¥7.150) Oshima 15:30-17:45 Tokyo

Or → (Large passenger ship from Oshima ¥ 4,530) Oshima 14: 30-19: 45 Tokyo 

Or → (Cessna ¥12,000~ from Oshima) Oshima 14:00-14:25 Chofu or Oshima 16:20-16:45 Chofu

(The return Tokai Kisen ticket fee will be refunded.)

③ To Hachijojima

(Helicopter ¥12,820) 15:35 Depart from Mikura - 16:00 Arrive at Hachijojima → (ANA flight ¥17,000~) Hachijojima 17:30-18:30 Haneda

*If you return by air, the unused Tokai Kisen boarding fee will be refunded.

(Air routes/helicopters may also be canceled.)



◆We may not be able to return on the scheduled date due to the cancellation of Tokai Kisen!

Air flights may also be canceled.
Please allow plenty of time for your schedule.


◆Please make your own flight reservations.

Helicopter reservation: Toho Airlines Ailand Shuttle

◆ Airplane Reservation: New Central Airlines

TEL: Oshima04992 (2) 1651Miyakejima 04994 (6) 0006

ANA​ official site


The normal Tokai Kisen schedule is as follows:(Golden Week July-September, arriving in Tokyo at 20:45)
22:20 Depart from Tokyo → 5:00 Miyakejima → 6:00 Mikurajima → 9:20 Return to Hachijojima → 12:30 Mikurajima → 13:30 Miyakejima → 19:40 Tokyo


In case of Tokai Kisen conditional departure or cancellation

・If there is a possibility that Tokai Kisen will be canceled due to ocean conditions, it may be changed as follows.
(Please note that the weather and sea conditions on Mikurashima Island are subject to change, so decisions must be made at the last minute.)

Day 1 (blue letters are regular schedules)

21:40 Meet at Tokyo Takeshiba Pier ~ 22:30 departure

・In principle, the tour will be held in the case of conditional departure, but in case of cancellation, we will contact you by 3:00 pm on the day.
(The final decision as to whether or not the Tokai Kisen will sail will be made around 17:00.)


the 2nd day

06:00 Arrive at Mikurashima

・Morning arrival at Mikurashima canceledIf you do, go to Hachijojima and return → 12:30 pm Arrive at Mikurashima

・If the flight is canceled in the afternoonIt will be canceled as it is.

・Even if you arrive in the morning, if the weather is unstable the next day, we may do a dolphin swim in the morning and return to Tokyo on a daytime flight.

​・If the outbound flight is canceled, the accommodation may be changed to Miyakejima depending on the situation.


Third day

12:30 Depart Mikurashima ~ 19:40 (20:45 due to Oshima port call during summer and consecutive holidays) Arrival in Tokyo

・If the sea conditions are likely to deteriorate in the afternoon, we will return on the Tokai Kisen boat that departs at 6:00 in the morning.

→ If both morning and afternoon flights are canceled, you can only return by helicopter.

・In the event of unforeseen weather deterioration, the stay may be extended.Please arrive with time to spare.


Seasonality/water temperature guideline

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 0.52.36.png

When is the best season?
​Seasonal detailsthis pageplease look at

About refund in case of cancellation

(1) Full refund will be given in case of cancellation due to Tokai Kisen's cancellation (if it does not depart from Takeshiba Pier).

(2) In principle, tours will be held in the case of Tokai Kisen conditional departures.

However, bad weatherIf the possibility of docking is low, if the safety of the dolphin swim cannot be secured even if it arrives at the dock, if our shop judges that it is difficult to secure the return route, or if there is a request from the site, the tour may be canceled. I have. In this case, we will refund the full amount, but if there is a cancellation fee due to Tokai Kisen's cancellation policy, you will be responsible for the actual cost.

(3)After leaving Takeshiba Pier, if you cannot enter Mikurashima and return, you will return to Tokyo as it is, but please note that a basic fee of ¥ 6,000 will be charged because the staff will accompany you. (The balance will be refunded)

(4) Please note that we cannot accept cancellations solely for the reason of conditional departure.
  if canceled due to customers own judgment or personal convenience at the time of the tour
Regulation cancellation fee I will have

​ (5) If the dolphin swim included in the basic schedule is canceled due to bad weather after arrival, ¥10,000 will be refunded.

* Day trip (arrive in the morning, dolphin swim once, return by daytime flight)In that case, we will refund ¥20,000.

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