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 For first-time visitors

attitude towards nature 

Swimming with dolphins means entering the field of the sea against nature.

All outdoor activities, including dolphin swimming, are done at your own risk.

Please do not overestimate your physical strength and swimming ability and enjoy it within a reasonable range.

Let's keep dolphin swim friendly to dolphins

The dolphins on Mikurashima are friendly, but we are in the position of interfering with their lives.

Follow the rules and manners and do a gentle dolphin swim so as not to disturb the lives of the dolphins.

Please be sure to read it!

 🔸Dolphin swim precautions and rules

* If you do only one dolphin swim, you may end up not seeing each other.

Therefore, the basic schedule includes two dolphin swims.
Sometimes the dolphins are in a good mood and other times they just ignore you.

Also, it depends on the weather, so when the sea is rough, you may end up not seeing dolphins.

There may be times when the boat cannot be sailed due to stormy weather, but all dolphin boats are fully booked, so even if it is canceled, it cannot be changed.

Dolphins behave differently every time they enter the sea, so we recommend making reservations as many times as possible.

Even the sea like this when it's calm

This is what happens when it's rough

Participation for first-timers and children

Please be sure to check the following notes

◆If you are a beginner, please be sure to attend the training.

The sea around Mikurashima Island has rough waves on many days, so it is not a place where beginners can go and swim without practice.

For those who have not experienced snorkeling in the open ocean where they can not stand up, those who are not used to it
In the pool before departure 
dolphin swim school is being held, so please participate as much as possible.

If you are unable to attend  Training in the morning of arrival day Please be sure to take

*Training in the morning on the day of arrival may not be possible due to ocean conditions.

In that case, please note that it may be only watching from the ship.

About wearing a wet suit
I often get the question, Do I need a wetsuit even in the summer?
Wetsuits not only keep you warm, but they also play a major role in securing buoyancy.

A wet suit is a buoyant body that can replace a life jacket in an emergency.

We do not require you to wear a wet suit,
Swimming in a rash guard or swimsuit
[open seaOnly those who are experienced enough to dolphin swim or snorkel in the water and are strong swimmers]
[Able to swim more than 100m even when the legs are cramped or in the ocean with waves, and to be able to tread water for 10 minutes]

is a condition.

For those who are unfamiliar with snorkeling or beginners, please be sure to wear a wet suit for safety.
If you don't like wetsuits, or if you can't
afford to wear a wetsuit, you will be asked to wear a life jacket.
(Rental suit is up to height 190cm and weight 90kg)

In the case of staying overnight on Miyakejima, it is mandatory to wear a wet suit. Those who do not have a wetsuit cannot board the boat.

◆ For those with children (as a general rule, 4th grade or older: Summer only/June to September)

The sea of Mikurashima Island has many days with rough waves, so it cannot be said to be calm.

Dolphin swimming involves jumping from a boat into the open sea where you can't stand tall, so even if you can swim in the pool, children who aren't used to the sea often can't do it because they are afraid.Please consider the degree of accustomed to the sea when children participate.

In addition, in spring and autumn, the waves are particularly rough and the water temperature is low, so we ask that children refrain from participating for safety reasons.
Participation of children is limited to summer (June to September)"Please note that we will


Please note the following conditions when children participate.

・Swimming in the sea

・Experienced snorkeling in the sea.
Always in the sea  Parents accustomed to snorkeling must accompany each child to swim safely.

・If you are inexperienced, be sure todolphin swim schoolPlease join us.
If you cannot attend the school in advance, please attend the practice in the morning on the day of arrival.

(Practice in the morning of the day of arrival may not be possible due to ocean conditions, etc. In that case, watching will be conducted from the ship.)

◆Boarding on the dolphin boat is limited to elementary school students and above accompanied by a guardian. (As a general rule, swimming is for 4th graders and above)

Elementary school children are required to wear life jackets.(Life jacket rental is free)

◆ Wetsuits for juniors (120 to 150 sizes) are also available. (Only for 2mm summer)

◆Elementary school children are ¥7,000 off the basic rate.

◆Please note that in the case of staying on Mikurashima, as a general rule, the rooms are shared by gender, even for families.
*In the case of staying on Miyakejima, a cottage-type inn can be reserved for a family.

◆For seniors

・There is no particular age limit, but only those who are physically fit and healthy and are fully accustomed to snorkeling. (If you are worried, be sure to  Preliminary practice session please join us)

・For those over 60 years of age,  Submission of a “health certificate” by a doctor I am asking for.
After booking, we will send you a prescribed form, so please return it.

・If you are worried about your physical strength, you can participate only by watching from the boat. (Prices are the same)

・There are no medical facilities on Mikurashima. In the worst case, it will be transported by helicopter and expensive expenses are expected.

​ Please purchase your own travel insurance.

Equipment required for dolphin swim

Ease of swimming is definitely different by choosing equipment that suits your physical strength and level.

Our shop specializes in dolphin swimming and skin diving.
Our staff who are well versed in equipment actually try and sell only the best equipment, so please use it with confidence.

We will also answer your questions about equipment selection.


1. The minimum requirements for dolphin swimming areunderwater mask, snorkel and fins3-piece set of

2.for wearing finsbootsormarine socks

3.Anti-fog mask is also required. (Anti-fogging with saliva is prohibited to prevent corona infection)

Four.wetsuitis worn for heat retention and buoyancy. (alternative to life jackets)

5. In the summer when the water temperature is hightapper(wet suit upper body only) etc. can also be substituted.

6. Avoid exposing your skin as much as possible to protect your body from jellyfish damage, sunburn, and injuries.

Jellyfish prevention cream/sunscreen

​◆ There are jellyfish in the sea regardless of the season.

Not only does it hurt when you get stung, but if it is highly toxic, you may get numbness and difficulty breathing, and you may be sent to the hospital.

Even in summer, avoid exposing your skin as much as possible, and apply anti-jellyfish cream to areas where skin is exposed, such as your face.

It minimizes damage in the unlikely event that you are stung.

​◆ Dolphin swims are exposed to the sun for about two hours.

Be sure to wear sunscreen, especially in the summer when the UV rays are strong.

Choose eco-friendly products

Harmful to coral and marine life that is regulated at overseas resortsDo not use products containing UV absorbersis.

All jellyfish prevention creams and sunscreens sold at our store are eco-friendly products that do not contain harmful ingredients.

Little Hands Hawaii: Popular No.1! 100% natural ingredients!Earth-friendly sunscreen from Hawaii

jerry's guard: Marine-friendly anti-jellyfish cream developed by a research team of high school students

Safety for Kids: Jellyfish prevention cream. This product does not contain harmful ingredients.for Kids only(same prevention effect)
SLS Sunscreen: Eco-friendly sunscreen developed by an Australian lifesaving organization

Click here for jellyfish prevention cream/sunscreen


There are many types of underwater masks, but they differ in size, material and shape of the part that touches the face.

If it does not fit your face, water will easily enter and it will be difficult to use, so be careful when purchasing.

Choose a silicone material for the part that touches your face.
​ We recommend a lens with a small inner volume and a short distance between the face and the lens because it has a wide field of view and is easy to clear the mask.

🔹the underwater maskhere

KS_3073_smoke 2.jpg

Choose a snorkel that is easy to hold and easy to clear when water comes in.

 GULL Layla Stable(for women)canal stable(for men) is recommended.

Cheap ones are fine, but those with a valve at the top to prevent water from entering are only for playing on the surface of the water.

It cannot be used for dolphin swimming or skin diving as there is a risk of suffocation when diving underwater.

🔹Click here for snorkel


It is important to choose fins that match your leg strength, swimming ability, and level. We recommend the full-foot type, which is not a strap type, and is made of rubber.
Plastic fins and diving fins are not recommended as they make it difficult to swim on the surface and make you tired.


GULL Emden: small fins for beginners

Gull Mew: Best-selling fins that can be used by everyone from beginners to advanced users! Best recommendation!

GULL Warp Fin: For intermediate to advanced students who have graduated from MU.
​ *Super Mew is for scuba diving and difficult to use for dolphin swimming.

Gull Barracuda: The world's highest grade rubber fin boasting excellent propulsion and ease of use for intermediate to advanced users!

* Many carbon fins and plastic fins for free diving such as leader fins lack repulsive force, making it difficult to turn and not effective for small turns, so we do not recommend them for dolphin swimming. Also, fins with sharp ends may inadvertently injure dolphins or people around them, so please fully understand the characteristics of the fins before using them.

🔹Click here for fins


for wearing finsfin socksorboots.

​Increases the feeling of close contact with the fins and protects your feet from slippage and injuries. It also retains heat.

🔹Click here for boots and socks

スクリーンショット 2022-06-21 16.30.08 4.jpeg

Wetsuits play an important role in retaining heat and ensuring buoyancy. (It will replace the life jacket when I say yes)

Depending on the material of the fabric, the price may be on the low side, but high-quality fabrics have the advantage of being warm and elastic and easy to move around in. There is a marked difference in heat retention and mobility between ready-made sizes and custom-made ones that are made to fit your measurements.

When purchasing, please consult us to choose a solid one.

For skin diving in the summer when the water temperature is high or at a resortTupperware (jacket type), which is only for the upper body, is fine.

Weight when wearing a wet suit (weight)is required.

The amount of weight varies from person to person, so be sure to keep track of it during practice.

🔹Click here for Rashguard and Inner

🔹Click here for wetsuits

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