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How to fill out a PDF document
Smartphone version

For those who have made a reservation for a Mikurashima tour, etc., we will send you an application form (PDF) by e-mail.
 Please print it out, fill it out and return it, or fill out the PDF document directly on the web and return it to us.
If you do not have a printer or computer, you can fill it out on your smartphone.

◆Please refer to the following for how to fill out the form on your smartphone.
1. Open the PDF document
2. Tap the + on the bottom right
3. Tap "Text" on the lower right pop-up screen
4. An input field will appear, so tap the word "Text"
5. Tap "Edit" in the black frame
6. Enter characters
7.Adjust the size of the text with "Aaaa" at the bottom left
8. Drag your finger to the desired position
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