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Scheduled dates for 2019

Available on request
Please select from the blank dates in the lower calendar

Meet at Ofuna Station ¥27,000(excluding tax)

Meet at Shimoda ¥20,000(excluding tax)

(+¥3,000 for one-on-one on the day)

A different dimension spot at the southernmost tip of the Izu Peninsula
Mikomoto Hammerhead Tour

Speaking of Mikomoto, exciting super drift!
And Hammerhead!

Hammer season in Mikomoto is from July to October
It comes with Kuroshio!

Mikomoto, a super-dreadnought super spot other than the hammer
Come and experience a different dimension super diving that you can never experience anywhere else!

◆This tour is limited to those who have more than 50 experiences
DC & Float Essentials
Please refrain from those who have a blank for more than 3 months

Flow of the day

5:30 Meet Ofuna ~ Move by car (* Click here for the meeting place at Ofuna Station.)
(Or meet at Shimoda Station at 8:30/9:00 local service meeting)

Daytime: 2 DIVE (time will be adjusted locally)

14:00 Depart from Mikomoto

20:00 Return to Ofuna

​ (The time is an estimate. It may change depending on the progress and traffic congestion.)

*Included in price
Facility usage fee Local diving fee, guide fee, tank weight rental
Free transportation from dive kids to the site, liability insurance fee

*Not included in price
Food and drink expenses, rental fee, consumption tax

(*In the case of one-on-one on the day, it will be ¥ 3,000 UP)
*Equipment rental fee (1 day)
Wet suit ¥2,000
Mask/fins/snorkel ¥500 each

BC ¥ 2,000, regulator set ¥ 2,000


※Cancellation Policy: ¥2,000 the day before, ¥3,000 the day before, ¥5,000 not attending on the day

2019 tour schedule
🔹Sri Lanka Blue Whale Tour 2/7-11
🔹Kumejima Humpback Whale Tour 2/23-26
🔹Philippines dugong tour 3/20-24

🔹Shiretoko Killer Whale Tour 6/1-4

🔹 La Paz sea lion swim tour 10/9-14

🔹Mikurashima Dolphin Swim Tour  April to November

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