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East coast izu Futo
white-sided dolphin swim

skin diving cruise
Swim with Wild Pacific White-sided Dolphins


​Maech25,26 (Sat.Sun.)

The white-sided dolphin season is from February to March.

Off-season except February-March
Offshore skin diving cruise

A secret point where goldfish dance wildly, under the Jogasaki suspension bridge, a fishing net point, etc.
We will show you the best points that you can never see by entering from the beach

Requests can be made for the blank days in the calendar below.
​ (Minimum number of participants: 3)


The sea where you can swim with wild white-sided dolphins!
Off the coast of Jogasaki, Higashiizu, which is famous as a tourist spot
There was an astonishing unexperienced zone!


Cruising the open sea from Higashiizu/Futo Port

It is a dolphin swim & nature tour of about 3 to 4 hours in the open sea


Departing from Higashi Izu Futo Port and cruising the vast sea area offshore.

This is the path of migratory wild dolphins and whales.

Above all, it is a precious sea where you can meet white-sided dolphins that appear only in winter!

There are few oceans in the world where you can swim with wild white-sided dolphins, and fewer people than astronauts have ever swum. In addition to white-sided dolphins, there is also the possibility of encountering various cetaceans such as Risso's dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins, sperm whales, and humpback whales.

Since they are migratory dolphins, the encounter rate is not high at around 30%, but when you do meet them, you will be shocked!

Please be one of the few people in the world to experience it!

* Dolphin swim is limited to experienced people who are accustomed to snorkeling and skin diving.
Please be sure to check the participation conditions.

Flow of the day

Around 9:15 local meeting (Futo port / please wait at the parking lot)

* Pick-up at JR Ofuna Station (6:45) is also possible. (+¥1,000)

* Or Atami Station 8:30

* Ofuna meeting place is  Click here Please refer to

After gathering: change clothes ~ briefing

10:00 Boarding - Departure

Dolphin swim & nature watching about 4 hours

Once you board the ship, a new adventure begins!
Cruising around the coast of Higashi-Izu for about 4 hours while looking for dolphins.
Enter if you find a dolphin! The rest depends on the dolphin's mood and luck.

Please prepare snacks, sweets, drinks, etc.


Around 14:00 return to the port-dissolution

*Since they are migratory dolphins, you may not be able to meet them. The encounter rate is around 30%.

* Swim only when the sea conditions are good and the dolphins are suitable for swimming.

*A guide will be onboard, so please follow the guide's instructions.

  • On-site facilities include toilets, showers, and changing rooms.

  • After the end, there is a bath (Onsen Maru) where you can put in a wet suit.

  • The boat is a fishing boat type Japanese boat (there is a toilet on board, but there is no cabin)

  • It is very cold on board. Please take all possible measures against the cold, such as boat coats, outdoor jackets, and down jackets.

  • It's a time when the sea is easy to get rough. Please take measures to prevent motion sickness. (We recommend an over-the-counter medicine called Aneron Varnish Cap.)



◆ ¥19,800 (tax included) (Please pay by cash or PAYPAY on the day)

  ・Those who only watch from the boat: ¥15,000

◆ What is included in the price
・Boarding fee

  ・ Facility usage fee (changing room, shower, toilet)

  ・ Guide fee

  ・Weight rental fee

  ・ Liability insurance premium

◆ Rental fee (excluding tax)

Wetsuit ¥2,000 / Hood ¥500 / Vest ¥500 / Gloves ¥300

  (Fins, masks, and snorkels are your own equipment only)

◆ What is not included in the price

  Food and drink (please bring your own drinks and snacks)

  ・Parking fee for those arriving by car (¥500/day)

◆ Cancellation fee
・3 days before to the day before 20% On the day 50%

​Participation conditions


The Pacific white-sided dolphin season is from February to March, when the water temperature is the lowest (around 12-15°C) and the waves are rough.
Limited to those who own their own equipment and are accustomed to snorkeling/skin diving. (Please refrain from beginners)

(Those who only watch from the ship are welcome to inexperienced people)

Minimum number of participants  3 people(Maximum 8 people)

Meeting place on the day

◆ By train

* Pick up at JR Ofuna Station (Meet at 7:00/+¥1,000)Click here for Ofuna meeting place

※JR Atami station pick-up (8:30)

◆By car

Futo Port Parking Lot, Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture (Ito Fishery Cooperative Futo Branch: same as diving parking lot)

* Please park your car in the parking lot and wait. (Parking fee ¥500)

* Futo Diving Service has nothing to do with this tour. Please do not make any inquiries.

*Meeting time AM 9:15 (Futo)


◆ Contact information on the day

090-2153-3798 Dive Kids Yamazaki

[To all participants]

Response to the new coronavirus

◆If any of the following applies to you, please do not participate. (No cancellation fee)
・Those who have had symptoms suspected of being infected, such as a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, cough, malaise, and abnormal taste and smell within the past two weeks.
・Persons who have been to an infected area within the past two weeks, or who may have been in contact with an infected person.
・People who have a history of infection in the past (a doctor's certificate is required)

(For those above, please be sure to take a PCR test in advance regardless of whether you have been vaccinated or not.)
・Those who are not feeling well on the day.


◆Please wear a mask and refrain from loud conversations during the tour.

◆Please maintain social distance from other groups as much as possible.

◆During the meal, eat silently or have a dinner with a mask.

◆When you are not wearing a mask, please cover your mouth with your hand when talking.

◆Please disinfect your hands frequently.

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