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Follow the rules


Mikurashima Island is a place for dolphins to give birth and raise their children,
as well as a place where they spend their entire life socially.

It is important to know about dolphins and act like dolphins.  
We humans and dolphinsSo that we can coexist forever Let's have fun while observing manners and rules.

Always stay close to your guide and keep everyone together.

Do not touch dolphins or reach out towards dolphins

Even we don't like being touched by people we don't know.

There is also a possibility that disgusting dolphins will never approach humans again.
Even if they come close to you, they will run away just by touching your hand like breaststroke.  

When you swim, use your fins well and don't hurt your hands.


Do not chase a pod of dolphins with calves

Groups with newborn dolphins are nervous.

Never approach or chase from here.


Do not chase dolphins that have no interest in humans

Even dolphins don't like it, and chasing them just makes you tired!
Don't chase dolphins as they swim away, look around and behind you.
They will come right behind you unexpectedly.


Stay away from dolphins in a condition called entanglement

The dolphins, entwined in a vortex, can be agitated and dangerous.

Just watch quietly from the surface so as not to disturb them.


Underwater camera flash is prohibited

It can stress the dolphins.

Be sure to turn off the camera setting.

No selfie sticks allowed

Long sticks can hit dolphins and hurt people around them.
Long GoPro arms are prohibited. Use a short grip (about 15cm).
Dolphins dislike and run away even if you extend your hand holding a camera. It's best to hold the camera close to your body.

Dive computer alarms and other sounds that make sounds are prohibited

Dolphin communication may be hindered.
Please turn off the alarm sound such as surfacing warning, or do not bring it into the water.

Mono fins and dry top snorkels are prohibited

The use of mono fins and mermaid fins are prohibited. (Long fins are available)

Dry top snorkels with a valve at the top of the snorkel to prevent water from entering are prohibited.

About sunscreen

Harmful to marine life that is also regulated at overseas resorts Sunscreen with UV absorberis prohibited 

※Please refer to the following

Have fun within your own level and physical strength

Knowing your limits is important. Don't over do it and rest when you feel tired or cold.

Lack of sleep and hangovers are also big enemies. Safety first!


Precautions for Dolphin Swim


Pay attention to your surroundings

It's easy to get lost in the dolphins during the dolphin swim, but look around from time to time to make sure you are not separated from your group. It can't be helped to leave a little, but let's figure out where you are.

Many dolphin watching boats are crowded on weekends and during the season. If only one person leaves, it is difficult to find it from the ship, and it is dangerous because it may be hit by another ship.


Do not dive near the boat

If you dive near the ship, you will not be able to see yourself from the ship. move the ship without noticingIt can also be stowed away, so you don't hit your head on the bottom of the ship or get caught in the propeller when surfacing.Not necessarily. Never dive near the ship.


Do not go behind the boat

There is a screw behind the ship and it is very dangerous. Also, the captain cannot see it.

Do not go behind the center of the boat, including during entry and exit.


Do not go near the shore

Dolphin swims are done around the island, but if you get too close to the shore, the waves will keep you on your feet.

It may wash up on the shore. Also, in shallow water near the shore, people often hit their heads against rocks.

Beware of waves and currents and don't get too close to the shorePlease be careful.


Look up when you float

After descending, when ascending, be sure to look up at the surface of the water and check for obstacles.

Avoid hitting the bottom of the boat, getting kicked by other divers, or hitting dolphins.

be careful.


Do not hold your breath forcibly

Unreasonable breath holding can cause blackout (fainting) and is very dangerous. Be aware of your breath-holding limits during practice and do not force yourself to dive too long. As long as you can afford it.


Wave to the ship in case of emergency

If you feel cramped, have trouble breathing, or feel any danger, please let the people around you know and wave at the ship. (Out loud if possible) I will go to rescue immediately.

*Waving your hand on the surface of the water is an SOS sign. Please don't do it when it doesn't matter.


When the sea is rough

It is your responsibility to decide whether to enter the sea when there are waves or currents. Sometimes the guide or captain decides. Let's put safety first.

Measures against seasickness

The number one enemy of dolphin swimming is seasickness.

During the dolphin swim, stay on the boat for 2 hours per trip!

Usually, if you are not used to boats, it will be quite painful if you get drunk,Dolphin swim will be ruined.


Tips to prevent seasickness

◆Do not look down at nearby objects.

Most people who are vulnerable to seasickness are looking down and doing their best, but this is the pattern that makes them the most prone to seasickness.

Try to look as far away as possible.

I feel sick. The best thing to do is close your eyes.

◆ Quick attachment and detachment of equipment

You have to put on and take off your fins on a rocking ship.

If you slow down at this time, you will get drunk at once.

Practice getting on and off quickly with your own fins.

If you have little experience on a boat, be sure to take sickness medicine

The recommended medicine is the one in the photo. Anneron Nis Cap (There is also syrup for children)

*At pharmacies and drugstores: ¥1,000 for 6 tablets


◆Jellyfish measures

Jellyfish bites are common.

When stung by deadly poisonous jellyfish such as bonito and Andon jellyfish,
not only does the face swell up,Be careful as the whole body may go numb or go into shock.

Try to avoid exposing your skin as much as possible and use anti-jellyfish cream to protect yourself.

Jellyfish guard Jerrys Guard 
If you apply it, you will hardly get stungEven if you get stung, you can rest assured
that the damage will be minimal.

We also sell it at our store, so please let us know if you would like to purchase it. 
* Jerry's GuardIt does not contain ingredients harmful to the sea.

Anything else is prohibited. (Jellyfish repelling effect is the same)

​ Sun protection

During the dolphin swim, you will be exposed to the sun on the boat for more than 2 hours,
so be sure to take sun protection!

However, regarding sunscreen, it is said to be harmful to marine life.
Items containing UV absorbers are prohibited.

 (Please note that most of the products on the market contain this product.)
When purchasing 
UV Absorber Free&quot Choose the one that says

Very popular among sea lovers!

100% natural sunscreen that does not contain any harmful substances and is gentle on the sea and skin.
Little Hands Hawaii It is on sale in our store. (Stick type for partial coating )

Eco-friendly sunscreen made by the Australian Lifesaving Association

​SLS Sunscreen

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