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Okinawa Kume Island
whale swim tour



¥148,000 (4days)

Haneda - Kume Island air ticket
hotel, whale boat 2 days included

(If you wish to fly from other airports, please contact us.)

Chance to swim with humpback whales!

Every winter, humpback whales migrate to Okinawa and Ogasawara to breed and raise their young.

In recent years, the number of islands where whale swims are held has increased, but the origin of whale swims is Kume Island.

YOU-GO, led by Mr. Kawamoto, the chairman of the guide association, has more than 20 years of experience and achievements, and the encounter rate and swimming know-how are excellent!

A special cruise with a boarding time of about 7 to 8 hours! Look for whales all day long!

The performance of the whales seen from the boat is a masterpiece, but the sight of the humpback whales in the water is just awe-inspiring!
You can experience the excitement that makes your heart tremble. Experience the greatest excitement on earth!

*Most of the whales you can swim with are mother and cubs who are raising their children.

Whale swims are performed by snorkeling on the surface to minimize stress on the whales.
Skin diving (descent into water) is not allowed.

Please cooperate with Whale Friendly Swim.

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*Prices may change depending on when you apply

*Please contact us if you would like a flight from other than Haneda 

Whale swim is snorkeling
Limited to those who have a diving license (C card)

If you are only watching, even non-divers are OK

* This tour is a nature observation program accompanied by an instructor sponsored by a diving shop specializing in whale swimming.
Please refrain from general sightseeing trips.

* If you do not have a diving license, please consider obtaining it at this opportunity.
The way to enjoy the sea will expand with Dawn!

Click here for diving school


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Humpback whale Song

This is the SONG of the legendary whale “Z” (March 2023)


Whale ship is a comfortable diving cruiser You-go
There is a lifting platform at the rear, so entry and exit are easy.

At this time of year, Kumejima is cloudy at 70% to 80%.rank
There is a large difference in temperature between sunny and cloudy days

The temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius, but on rainy or cloudy days, it gets extremely cold on board.
Protect yourself from the cold by wearing a thick boat coat, a warm coat with batting, or a Outdoor jacket!
Conversely, on a sunny day, it will be around 25 degrees. The UV rays are strong, so be sure to take sun protection!

The water temperature is 22-23 degrees. Underwater, 5mm wet is OK.

(Note) Whales are animals in the natural world. Depending on the weather and sea conditions,can swimnot necessarily.

Also, if you go with a large number of whales at once, it will stress the whales, so swim 5-6 times.Divide into groups and take turns. Please forgive me for my bad luck.
even if there are whalesPlease note that entering the water is limited to when the sea conditions are stable and the whales are calm.

(Flight arrival and departure times are subject to change)
First day: Haneda 13:10-16:00 Naha 17:25-18:00 Kumejima Hotel stay

the 2nd day: Whale boat 9:30~17:00 Hotel stay

Third day: Whale boat 9:30~17:00 Hotel stay

4th day: Free time until departure (Hatenohama tour etc. available)
Kumejima 15:00-15:40 Naha 17:30-19:45 Haneda

(Participation from other airports is also possible. Please contact us.)

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Included in basic fee

Haneda - Kumejima round-trip air ticket, hotel accommodation fee 1 breakfast, whale boat 2 days, local transportation expenses, consumption tax
(If you wish to fly from other airports, please contact us.)

*Food and beverage expenses are actual expenses (breakfast is included on the last day)

*Rental fee (1 day)
Wetsuit ¥2,000 / Fins, mask, snorkel ¥500 each / Fin socks ¥300 / Digital camera ¥2,000

*The price is for 2 to 3 people per room.

Basically, it will be a shared room, but an additional charge (¥15,000 / 3 nights) will be charged if one person participates in one room.

*Hotel used: Kume Island

* Diving service: Dive Esteban 


*Swimming is for Diving C card holders with no health problems. (For divers only)
*For those who do not swim (watching from the boat), non-divers can also participate. (Ages 15 and over)

・Whale swim is snorkeling. No skin diving/scuba diving.
・Swimming is difficult if you are not used to snorkeling. If you are a beginner, please refrain.

・Please contact us if you would like to stay the night before or extend your stay.
・It is a cruise of 7 hours once. Please refrain from those who are prone to seasickness.

* This tour is a nature observation program accompanied by an instructor sponsored by a diving shop specializing in whale swimming. Please refrain from general sightseeing trips.


[About payment]

Payment will be made by bank transfer. (I will let you know after booking)

Please make a reservation deposit of 50,000 yen (or the full amount) within one week after applying, and pay the remaining balance one month before departure.

【Cancellation Policy】
In case of cancellation due to customers convenience, the following cancellation fee will be charged per person in addition to the basic fee.
(Whale ship cancellation fee and travel fee cancellation fee will be charged separately, so the total amount will be as follows)
(1) Cancellation after ticket issuance ¥5,000 (2) Cancellation within 1 month before ¥50,000 (3) Cancellation within 2 weeks before ¥60,000
(4) Cancellation within 1 week before ¥70,000 (5) Cancellation from the day before to the day or non-participation without contact 100%

[About cancellation due to the new coronavirus]

*If the tour is canceled due to a request from the government, a full refund will be given.
However, if there is a cancellation fee for the flight or hotel, you will be responsible for the actual cost.


Click here to make a reservation

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Special tour.
overseas travel restrictions, etc.Varies depending on the situation

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