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◆Is it possible to see dolphins?

Dolphins are animals in nature, and they are affected by the weather and sea conditions, so it cannot be said absolutely.

When the sea is rough, the boat may not be able to go to the waters where dolphins live. Please consider that the encounter rate is about 90%.

Since it is greatly influenced by the sea conditions on the day, if you do only one dolphin swim, you may not be able to see much.

We recommend that you book two dolphin swims.

(Since the dolphin boat is always full, it is almost impossible to make a reservation on the day.)


◆Do I need any qualifications to swim with dolphins?

Dolphin swimming does not require any qualifications such as a diving license.

Anyone can participate as long as they can snorkel.

However, those who have no experience of snorkeling in the open sea need practice.


◆ I have never tried snorkeling

If you are new to snorkeling or inexperienced, please be sure to attend the training in the morning on the day of arrival.

Most people will be able to snorkel with it, so I think they can enjoy dolphin swimming with peace of mind.
Since there are individual differences, we will lend you a life jacket if you are unsure.

* Morning training may not be possible depending on ocean conditions and arrival time.
I do it in the pool before departure as much as possible
dolphin swim schoolPlease join us.


◆ What is the temperature and water temperature of Mikurashima? Need a wetsuit?

Although it is a southern island, please think that the temperature is slightly higher than Tokyo.

The water temperature varies greatly depending on the position of the Kuroshio, a warm current from the south.

If the Kuroshio Current hits you, the water temperature will be warmer than the surrounding islands, but if you leave it, it may suddenly cool down.

(May change in 2-3 days) 
Before you go  
Kuroshio Information Check out the water temperature.


As a guideline, it is around 20 degrees from April to May. The temperature gradually rises to around 27 degrees from late July to August. It feels like 23 degrees in October.
However, if the Kuroshio is too far away, the temperature may drop below 20 degrees even in midsummer, so be careful.  

Wear wetsuits except summer. From late July to August, if the water temperature is 27 degrees or higher, a rash guard will be fine, but if the weather is bad, you may feel cold on the boat, so it is recommended to bring a windbreaker and a boat coat.

Jellyfish can cause a lot of damage, so even if you don't wear wetsuits, please wear a rash guard and keep your skin exposed to a minimum.

Beginners, those who do not have much snorkeling experience"is required to wear a wet suit to ensure buoyancy (safety).
seasonality is
this pageofPlease look.

Click here for past logs
You can see the state of the tour over the past few years and the change in water temperature


◆Is it okay for a woman to come alone?

yes. There are many women who participate alone, so there is no need to worry.

They are friends who like dolphins and gather together, so even if you are meeting them for the first time, you can easily get to know each other.


◆Is it okay for children?

Children who can swim and are accustomed to the sea and have snorkeling experience are fine.
However, participation is limited to those over the age of 10.

Please check this page for information on how your child can participate.
For first-time visitors and those with children


◆Is there a place where I can leave my child?

Mikurashima Island does not have facilities such as daycare centers where infants and children can be looked after.

In case of emergency, we cannot take responsibility, so we cannot keep it at the inn or the staff.


◆Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, there are no hotels that accept pets.


◆ about seasickness

A dolphin swim takes about 2 hours. If you get drunk, your dolphin swim will be ruined.

Don't be overconfident that I'm probably fine. It is good for those who are familiar with boats such as diving and fishing, but for others, it is safer to think that you will get drunk. We recommend that you always prepare a motion sickness stop.

stop motion sickness Anelon I recommend this medicine. Other motion sickness medications are not very effective for seasickness. That's all! (Please ask at the pharmacy)*There is no pharmacy on Mikurashima! You cannot buy it on the island, so be sure to bring it with you.


◆Do you have jellyfish?

It will start appearing as early as May. Especially in the summer, it is better to think that you will definitely be there. Jellyfish often clump together in one place due to ocean currents. If you get stung in the face, you will be miserable, and highly toxic jellyfish such as bonito and Andon jellyfish will send you to the hospital.

 Jerrys Guard ;There is a jellyfish repellent lotion called, so it is safe to apply this. (Even if you get stung, the damage will be minimal.) Even if you are wearing a wetsuit or rash guard, be sure to apply it to exposed skin (lips, ears, etc.).


◆Are there any sharks?

Although very rare, you may also see sharks.

Please be assured that even if you see it while swimming, it will not attack people.
However, please do not approach or stimulate them.


◆I heard that boats do not arrive at Mikurashima....

Mikurashima is a small island with only one port. (There are more than 2 on a big island.) Compared to before, it has improved considerably, but even then, depending on the wind direction and waves, there are times when the ship cannot reach.
Tokai Kisen in-service rate is
this page please look at.


◆What happens if Tokai Kisen is canceled?

Details in case of Tokai Kisen cancellation Cancellation information Please see


◆Is there a place to eat or drink at night other than the hotel?

[ Fukumaru shoten ] Plenty of cute souvenirs.Gelato is also popular! Bento only sold by reservation

[ Camburi ]  It's the pub. Local sake, shochu, sake, various cocktails, and a wide selection of snacks are also available.


◆Can I use a credit card?

On Mikurashima, there are no places where credit cards can be used, including hotels and inns. (Available only at Fukumaru store) 
You can withdraw cash from post office ATMs.

You can pay by credit card (VISA/MASTER) only for payment of optional fees and rental fees at our shop.
You can also use PayPay, etc.


◆What about shopping on Mikurashima?

There are only two grocery stores on the island (Nishikawa Shoten and Yamaichi Shoten), and you can hardly buy anything other than food.

There is no pharmacy and no motion sickness medicine is available, so be sure to bring the minimum necessary items.
Accessories and small souvenirs can be found at Fukumaru Shoten.


◆Are there any hospitals or clinics?

Some clinics have only one doctor, but in case of emergency, patients may be transported by chartered helicopter.
Please be sure to bring your insurance card when visiting the island.


◆Can you connect to a mobile phone?

Docomo, AU, Softbank are connected (may not be connected depending on the location)
Urban carriers such as UQ and Ymobile are not connected.

◆Can you connect to the Internet?

Mikurashima Free Wifi (public Wifi)

Available at most accommodations.

◆Do you share a room?

Mikurashima is a small island with few lodging facilities and can accommodate less than 100 people.

Even if you stay at Hotel Mikuraso, which is your main stay, there are only 7 rooms, and reservations are made by lottery. .

Please refrain from participating if you cannot share a room.


◆Is there any place other than Dolphin Swim where I can play?

Mikurashima is a treasure trove of nature famous for its giant tree forest. If you have time, you can ask a guide and enjoy hiking.
Except for some areas, you cannot enter the forest without a guide. Advance reservations are required for hiking guides.
If you would like to arrange an island guide, please let us know at the time of booking.

Other than that, there are not many places to play.

A slow life is the way to spend your time on Mikurashima.  


◆Can I swim in the sea?

Almost all of Mikurashima is surrounded by precipitous cliffs, and there are no beaches for swimming.

You can swim only in the designated area in the harbor. Snorkeling practice is also done in the harbor.


◆Can I dive?

Diving is prohibited around Mikurashima.  


◆Can I go fishing?

You can fish from the pier. However, unless you bring your own fishing rod, it may be difficult to procure locally. (Sometimes it is in the agricultural and fishery cooperative)


◆Do you have a rental car and bike?

There are no rental cars on Mikurashima. There are no rental bikes or bicycles.
Bicycles are prohibited on the island, so even if you bring them in, you cannot ride them.
There are no buses or taxis, so you can only move around the island on foot.


◆There are Mikurashima and Miyakejima overnight tours, what is the difference?

Dolphins live around Mikurashima, so if you stay overnight on Miyakejima, you will have to come to Mikurashima by fishing boat and swim with dolphins.

It takes about 50 minutes one way from Miyake to Mikura. The boat sways a lot on the way, so many people get seasick when they arrive at the waters where dolphins live.  

Mikurashima dolphin swim boat is a small boat with a capacity of about 10 people, so it is easy to get on and off, making it perfect for dolphin swimming!

The boat draft (height above the surface of the water) is low, so you can get close to the dolphins and feel close to them.

Every chance you get to see dolphins while on board. If you leave the port early, you can encounter dolphins in 2 to 3 minutes - dolphin swim.  

On the other hand, the boats on Miyakejima are large fishing boats, so it is difficult to get close to the dolphins, and it takes time to get on and off, so it is a little difficult to do. There is also the drawback that the net time for the dolphin swim is shortened because it takes time to go back and forth (about 1 hour each way).
The Tokai Kisen from Tokyo will arrive at Miyakejima even when Mikurashima is canceled, so the tour itself will not be disrupted, so it is safe in that respect.


・Pros of Mikurashima: Dolphin swimming is overwhelmingly easy. Good atmosphere on the island. There is a high chance of encountering dolphins. Many swims.  

・Disadvantages of Mikurashima: Tokai Kisen may be canceled.  

・Advantages of Miyakejima: Tokai Kisen is rarely canceled.

・Disadvantages of Miyakejima: It takes a long time to travel to Mikurashima, which is difficult for people who are not used to boats.  



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