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open the door to your dreams
Dive Kids plans various tours and events other than Mikurashima.

If you like dolphins and whales, there are plenty of tours that will make you want to go!

Make your dreams come true!

See each page for details

Annual tour schedule

​ *Overseas tours will be held when travel restrictions due to COVID-19 are lifted.

🔹Mikurashima DolphinTour April-November

🔹Sri Lanka Blue Whale Tour February

🔹Higashiizu/White-sided dolphinTour  February-March

🔹Kumejima Whale Swim Tour March

🔹Philippines dugong tour March

🔹Saipan Skin Diving Tour April/December

🔹Shiretoko/killer whale tour June

🔹Russia Spotted Seal Tour July

🔹Tahiti Humpback Whale Tour September

🔹La Paz Sea Lion & Whale Tour October

Other than this, overseas, Okinawa, etc.
We accept request tours for 3 or more people
please consult

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Kumejima Humpback Whale Tour

4-5 days

Whales come to the sea of Okinawa every winter to breed. Overwhelming performance at sea, including majestic jumps!
Adorable mother and cub whales and male heat runs.
The divine appearance seen in the water is truly a masterpiece!
Please feel the excitement of the grand global scale.

(Intermediate skin diving or higher. Diving license required)

Planned price



Saipan skin diving

4 days

Mysterious Cave Grotto! Beautiful white sand beach!
Mariana blue sea boasting one of the world's best transparency!

A tropical island that can be reached in 3.5 hours from Japan!
No other
For skin divers who specialize in skin divingIt's a special trip!
​ Skin diving for wrecks and zero battle points that can only be reached by diving!

Planned price



5 days of consecutive holidays

The last unexplored region of the Philippines, North Palawan, Busuanga Island
​ It is a moving sea where you can meet the phantom mermaid dugong!

​ An annual eco-tour under the direction of Mr. Dirk, who has been involved in dugong conservation research activities locally for many years.

Enjoy a relaxing time at a superb resort surrounded by gentle and gentle dugongs and nature.

(Both snorkeling and scuba diving are allowed)

Planned price



4 days

Killer whales, kings of the sea, come to the sea of Rausu every spring!
​The beautiful sights you see in the great nature of Hokkaido are just words that will impress you.

World Heritage Shiretoko is a treasure trove of wild animals! sperm whale

Minke whales, Dall's porpoises, and on land white-tailed eagles, red foxes and Yezo deer. A tour to see Blakiston's fish owls and brown bears, which are natural monuments, will also be held at the same time.

(Watching from the ship)

Planned price



6 days of consecutive holidays

Land of the Sun La Paz, Mexico 🌞
It is a tour where you can play with the most naughty, friendly and wild animals on the planet = California sea lions in La Paz!
A lot of cute babies unique to this time of year!

​ and more"With whale shark swim"is!

Authentic Mexican food is the best!
(Both skin diving and scuba diving are possible)

Planned price

Around 300,000 yen



Russia Gomachan Tour

5 days

First release in Japan!
Oh my God! This is an unprecedented tour where you can swim with Goma-chan, a spotted seal!
The closest Europe that can be reached in 3.5 hours from Narita
Vladivostok, Russia! The deliciousness of the food is also exceptional! Don't miss the Goma-chan swim that no one has ever experienced in Japan!

(both skin and scuba)

Planned price

Around 260,000 yen

in preparation

5 days of consecutive holidays


Over 20m in length!

A super wild tour to swim with the biggest animals on earth!
That huge figure is just like a god!
There is no doubt that you will be overwhelmed by the mystery of the earth.
​ *This is an original tour only for dive kids on a chartered boat.

(skin diving intermediate or higher)

Planned price

Around 300,000 yen


​Tahiti humpback whale

8 days


Paradise on Earth Swim with humpback whales in Rurutu, Tahiti! A world of excitement, just like a dream!

Unlike Tonga, Chinese people have not advanced yet, so you can enjoy a relaxing and healing trip!

(skin diving intermediate or higher)

Planned price

Around 400,000 yen

in preparation

coming soon

Maldives luxury cruise

7 days

A super luxury cruise ship that no Japanese has ever boarded
Diving & skin diving safari running around the sea of Maldives with Amba!

A one-week cruise on a shiny new ship that has just been in service is sure to be an unforgettable trip for the rest of your life!

(Both skin diving and scuba diving are possible)

Planned price

40Around 10,000 yen

in preparation

Held at any time from February to March

​Higashiizu day trip

From February to March every year, a flock of white-sided dolphins migrate to the coast of Higashi-Izu.
The chances of encounters are limited, but this is the only place in the world where you can swim with white-sided dolphins. Fewer people have swum than astronauts!
​ The moment you are surrounded by a herd of nearly 100 animals swimming around at breakneck speed is the ultimate in excitement! Please challenge yourself to a valuable experience that is unparalleled in the world!

(skin diving intermediate or higher)

1 day boat cruise



all year
Scuba/skin diving

Held as needed

Izu day trip

In the sea of Izu where you can go on a day trip

Skin Diving / Scuba Diving

We are always available upon request!

2 skins/scuba diving


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