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World Heritage Shiretoko・Rausu
Orca watching tour


Meet wild killer whales in the world heritage Shiretoko sea!
A moving experience that is priceless in the world!

Scheduled for 2024
June 1-5 (Sat-Wed) 5 days ¥173,000 Vacant seat 2

June 5-9 (Wed-Sun) 5 days ¥165,000 Full

June 1-9 (Sat-Sun) 9 days ¥209,000 Full

​ (Please contact us if you would like 6-8 days)
​ (Prices may change due to air ticket oil price adjustments)

Killer whale watching 4 times included (can be added)

If the killer whale boat is canceled due to sea conditions, you may not be able to see the killer whales.
If you have time to spare, we recommend the 5-day course.

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Haneda - Nakashibetsu round-trip air ticket / accommodation breakfast and dinner / local transportation expenses / consumption tax included
Killer whale watching 4 times (additional possible)

(Please contact us if you would like to meet/disband at Nakashibetsu Airport)

(It is also possible to join and disperse at the local hotel, so please contact us.)

​ (If traveling by rental car, you can freely adjust the schedule between 6/3-11)

* This tour is a killer whale observation program run by a diving shop.

Please refrain from participating for general sightseeing purposes as it is different from a normal sightseeing trip.

Killer whales come to the Shiretoko coast at this time of year!

It is a special trip that is valuable in the world!


Every year around this time, killer whales come to the Shiretoko Rausu coast overlooking Kunashiri!
Shiretoko is a treasure trove of wild animals and is a World Heritage Site.

Birds such as white-tailed eagles and Blakiston's fish owls, and precious animals such as red foxes, Yezo deer, and brown bears on land.

You can also see it.

(All of them are wild animals that live in the natural world. Please note that there may be cases where you cannot meet them.)
The killer whale ship may be canceled due to sea conditions.If you have time to spare, we recommend the 5-day course.

A special trip full of nature in Hokkaido!
Please join us for this opportunity!

🔹Basic Schedule
First day
11:30  Meet at Haneda Airport (in front of the AIRDO counter at the back of Terminal 2)

12:25  From Haneda Airport (ANA Flight 377)
14:05  NakashibetsuArrive at the airport ~ Move to Rausu by car
(It takes about 3 hours between Nakashibetsu and Rausu, including lunch.)

 Stay in Rausu (dinner)

2nd day

all day  Killer Whale Watching Cruise (morning/afternoon/about 2.5 hours each)
Night  Option (Observation of owl)

Stay in Rausu (breakfast and dinner)

Third day

all day  Killer Whale Watching Cruise (morning/afternoon/each about 2.5time)
Stay in Rausu (breakfast and dinner)

4th day

all day  

(For 4 days or more, optional killer whale cruise 1 time ¥10,000)
Stay in Rausu (breakfast and dinner)

Last day

From Rausu (Breakfast)

daytime  Reserve day (This is a reserve day in case the previous day killer whale cruise is canceled due to weather, etc.)

If it is as planned, it will be a return trip while visiting tourist attractions.

14:40  NakashibetsuDeparture from the airport (ANA flight 378)

16:40  Arrival at Haneda Airport

* Killer whales can only be seen from the boat. I do not swim.

* The schedule is subject to change due to weather and other factors.
*Departure and arrival flights and times may change.

The killer whale cruise may be canceled due to weather and ocean conditions. Please note.

(The operational status of the killer whale ship will be decided before departure on the day.)























dall's dolphin swimming

minke whale

Precautions when participating / About clothes


You may not be able to see killer whales or the boat may be canceled.

All animals, including killer whales, are wild and always on the move, so you may not see them.
In addition, watching boats may be canceled due to heavy fog, weather, and ocean conditions.
Please be aware of this before applying.

*There is no refund if you cannot see killer whales after departure.
* If the watching ship is canceled, we will refund 8,000 yen per time.

Please prepare enough warm clothes such as a down jacket

Even in June, snow still remains on land in Hokkaido.
It's especially cold on board during killer whale watching! The sensible temperature can drop below freezing!
Come with down jackets, overpants, hats, gloves, neck warmers and complete cold weather equipment!
​ ( 
electric heating vest recommended)


Be careful not to eat too much!
The deliciousness of Rausu's food far exceeds your imagination! (smile)
If you're not careful, you'll end up gaining about 5kg and go home, so be careful!



Blakiston's fish owl observation at night(¥5,000)

Blakiston's fish owl is the world's largest owl with a wingspan of around 180 cm.
It is one of the most endangered species with only about 80 pairs inhabiting Hokkaido.

Blakiston's fish owl observation after dinnerBlakiston's Fish Owl ObservatoryIt will be an observation from the room at the facility.
A pair of Blakiston's fish owls live near here, and they release fish into a weir built in a part of the river, and observe/photograph where they come to forage. Please take a look at the precious Blakiston's fish owl!

*The end time is undecided from 19:00 because we do not know when Blakiston Fish Owl will appear.


On the final day, you will return home while visiting Shiretoko sightseeing spots.

​ (If the killer whale boat until the previous day is canceled due to weather, etc., it will be transferred to the last day.)
​ (The following is an example. It depends on the situation on the day)













Stay at a log house with a cozy atmosphere "Pension Rausukur"
The food is exceptionally delicious in a stylish log house style building.

You can often see red foxes and Ezo deer around the inn!

​※ The room is for 2 people (shared rooms for men and women) (1 room for 3 to 4 people is possible in a group) (1 person private room available: + ¥ 2,000 per night)













🔹BasicPrice includes

Haneda - Nakashibetsu round-trip ticket. Accommodation breakfast and dinner.

Shachi Cruise 4 times (morning and afternoon about 3 hours each)
Local transportation fee (airport - hotel / hotel - Rausu port. We will move together by rental car)
consumption tax


Not included in price

Eating and drinking expenses other than the above.

​・ Night Blakiston's Fish Owl Observation (¥5,000))

・Add killer whale (¥10,000/time)


Pension Rausukuru

* The room will be a room for 2 people, separated by gender.
(One room for 3 to 5 people is also possible for groups and families: same price)

(1+2,000 yen per night for one room)

*Amenities: bath towel, face towel, toothbrush, hair dryer, body soap, shampoo
Yukata (paid ¥210) Washer/dryer (paid ¥500)


killer whale watching boat

Godzilla Rock Sightseeing Kamuiwakka
*Options may be on other ships


Participation conditions

Please be sure to check the contents here

Response to the new coronavirus

Those who can endure even if it is cold.

* As a general rule, junior high school students and above

*Please refrain from participating if you are concerned about your health.

* This tour is a program for the purpose of observing killer whales at a diving shop.
Please refrain from participating for general sightseeing purposes as it is different from a normal sightseeing tour.

Minimum number of participants: 4people / maximum 9 people

* Due to the limited number of seats on the plane, we will arrange air tickets as soon as you apply.
Since it is a non-changeable ticket, in case of cancellation, airline regulations
Cancellation fee will be charged separately.

*Meeting and dissolution at Nakashibetsu Airport is also possible. Flight ticket equivalent to the purchase price of our shopwill be deducted.

* It is also possible to join and disperse at the local hotel. Please contact us.


*Payment terms
Reservation deposit 30,000 yen or full amount within one week after reservation. Please pay the balance by 4/30.

If you are less than a month away from departure, please make full payment within 5 days after booking.
(The transfer destination will be announced after booking)

The price shown is for a 75-day early bird ticket. Depending on the date of application, the air ticket price will increase.


※cancellation charge

After booking: ¥5,000 From 31 days ago: 20% From 15 days ago: 30% From 8 days ago: 40% The day before: 50% On the day or non-participation: 100%

*Separate airline regulations after ticket issuancecancellation fee will be charged. (depending on the cancellation date)

* If the killer whale boat is canceled due to ocean conditions, we will refund ¥8,000 per time.


[Cancellation response to the new coronavirus]

At present, we are planning to hold the event after taking thorough measures to prevent infection, including PCR tests.

If there is a request for self-restraint from the locale due to an emergency declaration, etc., or if the operation of the killer whale ship is canceled, it will be canceled.
Regarding the response to the new coronavirus
hereplease look at


Regarding the cancellation fee, we will deal with the following.

*Cancellation fees for coronavirus-related cases will be half the normal cancellation fee.

(If you are infected or become a close contact person)
*In other cases, normal cancellation fees apply.

* If the tour itself is canceled due to the new coronavirus, we will basically refund the full amount, but if there is a cancellation fee for the air ticket and accommodation, you will be responsible for the actual cost. Refunds for airline tickets are subject to airline regulations.

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