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Sri Lanka
blue whale tour

2023 2/8-12(Wednesday - Sunday) 5 days including consecutive holidays

(This is a skin diving tour/beginners not allowed)
​ *Currently undecided.
It will be held when corona travel restrictions are lifted and direct flights resume

¥358,000(Preliminary price)
Narita - Colombo round-trip ticket (for direct flights with SriLankan Airlines)
Local transportation fee, hotel 3 nights breakfast, whale boat 2 days, consumption taxincluded

It is a small group tour with a capacity of 3 to 4 people per time
Please apply as soon as possible.

We also accept requests for groups of 3 or more people outside of these dates.
Please contact us.


​Click here for previous tour report​

Swim with the world's largest animal, the Blue Whale!

25m long! Swim with the world's largest animal, the Blue Whale!

Sri Lanka Blue Whale Tour!
An encounter with a rare blue whale in the world.
The figure seen in the sea of nature is exactly the realm of God. It is an impression that makes your heart tremble!


The season in this area is from November to MarchCore season is January-February.
I set it to avoid the schedule when there are many Chinese people during the Chinese New Year.

Charter a small boat and cruise for about 4-5 hours each time while looking for whales x 2 days.
After discovering a whale, we observe its condition and do it while considering safety so as not to interfere with the whale's behavior.
No scuba diving. It will be an approach with skin diving.

(note)Whales are animals in nature.
The encounter rate is as high as 90% or more, but please note that whether or not you can swim depends on your luck. If you are lucky, you can shoot at a close distance, but please try not to get too close and swim so as not to irritate the whales. Please understand that there is a possibility that we may not be able to meet.

*Participation conditions
Intermediate or above who can manage safety by themselves and can face wild animals with respect

No matter what you say, the opponent is big! It looks like it's swimming leisurely, but it's really fast!
Intermediate to advanced users only! Participation by skin diving beginners is not allowed.
It is not recommended for those who are prone to seasickness as it travels a long distance on a small boat.
Please be responsible for safety management when entering the water.


Please only participate if you understand that going into a field of wild animals is an adventure in itself, and you can treat whales with respect.

​ *A maximum of 3 to 4 people can be accepted for each session because we charter a small, mobile speedboat. Please apply as soon as possible.

* This tour is a group tour accompanied by a diving shop instructor.
Please do not make a mistake because it is different from general personal trips and sightseeing trips.

What is Sri Lanka? ? ?
Former British Ceylon. It is an island at the tip of India.
The area is slightly smaller than Hokkaido. Population about 20 million.
About 10 hours by direct flight from Narita. (It takes 4 to 5 hours by car from the airport to the site/transportation fee included)

Temperature 28-30 degrees. The water temperature is around 27-28 degrees.
A rash guard is fine, but since the time on board is long, a hoodie or something similar is essential. Be careful of sunburn.

Currency: Sri Lankan rupee (exchanged at the local airport) 1 rupee = 0.8 yen
Prices are roughly half of Japan, but it's a place where tourists go.

​time difference -3 hours and 30 minutes (Japan is ahead, so if it's 1:00 PM local time, it's 4:30 PM Japan time)

​Language: Sinhala. The common language is English, but the local people are not so fluent, so they can understand it.

The food is basically Indonesian style. No matter what you say, the deliciousness of Sri Lankan curry is exquisite.
It's even more delicious than the Indian curry you eat in Japan!

​Buddhist country and fairly friendly to Japanese. Public order is also good.





















itinerary(Reference: The notation is from the previous time. The schedule is currently undecided)
Day 1 11:20 Narita ~ 17:50 Colombo ~ Move to the site (about 4-5 hours by car) Hotel stay

Day 2 Whale boat in the morning (about 4 hours) free in the afternoon / hotel stay

Day 3 Whale boat in the morning (about 4 hours) free in the afternoon /Hotel night

Day 4 Free in the morning (Optional whale boat + US$300) - Transfer to the airport in the afternoon Depart Colombo at 19:50
Day 5 7:30 Arrive at Narita


*Times are local time. Time difference with Japan - 3 hours and 30 minutes
* Airline used: SriLankan Airlines (direct flight)
​* Departure and arrival flights and times are subject to change

​* Click here for the hotel (subject to change)


Included in basic fee

Narita - Colombo round-trip ticket (SriLankan Airlines direct flight)
Local transportation fee, hotel 3 nights breakfast, whale boat 2 days
*Prices may increase due to fluctuations in airfares.

Not included in price

Eating and drinking expenses. Actual local expenses other than the above
Last day option/
Whale boat US$400
Narita Airport usage fee 2,610 yen
Local airport taxes  4,280 yen


Intermediate to advanced level only (beginners not allowed)

Whale swim is snorkeling/skin diving.


* About payment

After making a reservation, please pay the deposit of 50,000 yen (or the full amount) within the specified period (contact us at a later date).
​Please pay the balance within one month.

※cancellation charge

Cancellation fee ¥50,000 after reservation (airline/hotel arrangement)
The following cancellation charges will be applied to the plus basic charge.
45 days before 10% 30 days before 20% 15 days before 30% 8 days before 40% 50% before day 100% on the day

​*Minimum number of participants: 3 Maximum number of participants: 4

Please let us know the following when making a reservation.
・Your name/address/contact phone number (mobile phone)
・Domestic emergency contact name/relationship/telephone number
・A copy of your passport (a photo is also acceptable)
Or the following clause in the passport
Passport number/Romaji Name/Gender/Date of birth/Nationality/Permanent domicile/Date of issue/Validity period


*Passport must be valid for at least 6 months. If you do not have a passport or will expire, please let us know your name in Roman letters, gender, date of birth, nationality, and registered domicile while applying.


Click here for provisional reservations and inquiries

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