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Underwater healing with whale voice

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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Yugawara Indoor Diving Pool
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Price: Skin ¥8,000 / Scuba ¥10,000(tax included)
*Separate equipment rental fee (see below)

The meeting place13:00 Ofuna (free transfer by car)

Or 14:30 Yugawara pool 2F lobby
Click here for Ofuna meeting place
Yugawara pool is here

Click here to make a reservation

Experience meditation while listening to whale songs underwater

Stream the humpback whale's voice (song) into the pool with an underwater speaker

An unprecedented mystical experience of just listening underwater

what you feel is up to you

Why don't you forget everything and listen to the heartbeat of the earth with your whole body?


Among cetaceans, humpback and blue whales are known to sing.

A theme is created by combining several phrases, and several themes are combined to form a song of up to 30 minutes. When they reach the end, they go back to the beginning and sing the same song again for hours.

Only the males during the breeding season sing songs, and it is said that the courtship behavior is similar to competition between males, but the truth is that only whales know.

We also don't yet know where baleen whales make their voices.

All males in the same area sing the same song, but this song is so popular that the same song will not be sung the following year.

In addition, the epidemic seems to be transmitted from the west to the east whale.

The range of whale calls is said to be about 3,000 km, which is slightly longer than the Japanese archipelago.

It's about 6,000km from Tokyo to Hawaii, so if there's one whale in between, it's calculated to reach Hawaii's whales.

Immerse yourself in the magnificent and mysterious world of whales.


・You can participate in snorkeling or scuba diving. It is OK to swim while listening.
(I think scuba is more immersive)

・It takes about 30 minutes to actually play the audio.

(Because the pool is shared with other groups, we will start after 4:00 when other people are gone.)
・Apart from core time, you can practice skins and scuba freely. It is also possible to monitor fins such as Barracuda.

The sound source uses this CD.


(Tap to hear only the touch)

Released in 1991, this is an extremely rare historical masterpiece produced by Dr. Roger Payne, a leading figure in research on whale voices and environmental issues throughout his life, who clarified that whales sing songs.

Not just a whale voice, but a real "whale song"

The sound is recorded with an underwater microphone installed at a depth of 1500 feet, without any modification, and the natural and fantastic sound is beautifully recorded, even the echoes at the surface and bottom of the sea.

Just listening to it in a room can make you trip. I think that it will be an invaluable experience.

Please look forward to it.

◆ Participation conditions ◆
Those who can snorkel. scuba diving
license/C card holders
*Please let us know in advance if you have heart, respiratory, or other health problems. Physician approval may be required.

* If you have a history of corona infection, you need a doctor's written consent. (because it has been suggested that even asymptomatic lung function may be impaired)


◆ Fee
¥8,000(Tax included) Scuba tank fee + ¥2,000

*Please pay in cash or PAYPAY on the day.

rental fee(excluding tax)

・Fins, mask, snorkel ¥500 each
・Wet suit ¥ 1,000 (required)
・ BC ¥ 1,100 / Regulator ¥ 1,000

・Weight rental is free

*Because you stay in the water for a long time, your body will get cold. Wetsuits are required.
* Tupperware (a thick rash guard made of 2-3mm wetsuit fabric) is also acceptable.
* A swim cap is required (free rental available)

◆It is possible to monitor the fins. (Please let us know when you make a reservation)(¥550)
Fins can be monitored during free practice.
If you would like to monitor, please let us know the type of fins/foot size you want to monitor in advance.
Monitorable Fins: GULL
barracuda, Mew, Super Mew, Warp Fin, Barracuda, TUSA Kyle

*Rental fins are AQA dolphin color.

◆ Cancellation policy

If canceled due to customer's convenience, 50% cancellation fee will be charged from the afternoon of the previous day.


Response to the new coronavirus

◆If any of the following applies to you, please do not participate.(No cancellation fee)
・Those who have had symptoms suspected of being infected, such as a fever of 37 degrees or higher, cough, malaise, and abnormal taste and smell within the past two weeks.
・Persons who have been to an infected area within the past two weeks, or who may have been in contact with an infected person.

・Those who are not feeling well on the day.

* Those who have a history of corona infection will not be able to participate for the time being. (because it has been suggested that even asymptomatic lung function may be impaired)

In the moving vehicle / ship, local facilities, changing rooms, etc.Please wear a mask. Please bring your own mask.

◆When leaving your belongings in the changing room lockers, etc., please put the changed clothes in a paper bag or plastic bag to prevent contact infection.

◆Please be considerate to keep social distance with other groups as much as possible.

◆Please cover your mouth with your hand when you are eating or when you are not wearing a mask.

Instructor: RYO YAMAZAKI
Dolphin Swim Instructor / NAUI Diving Instructor

30 years of dolphin swimming experience
We hold about 30 Mikurashima dolphin swim tours and domestic and overseas dolphin and whale related tours every year.

The trick to swimming well with dolphins is to aim for a swimming style that allows the dolphins to approach you without chasing you or heading towards you.
Learn the skills to swim safely and enjoy the sea together!

swim with wild dolphins

Mikurashima Dolphin Swim Tour 


30 years of swimming with dolphins!Held about 30 times a year!
Leave the Mikurashima tour to DIVE KIDS, a dolphin swim specialist!

Click here for information on ​Dolphin Swim Tour

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