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The moment salmon give birth to salmon roe! Why don't you take a look?
Let's go Tohoku!(Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture)
Salmon run-spawning observation + diving tour

2021.11/19 (Fri) midnight departure - 11/21 (Sun)¥66,000(Tax included) Overnight stay

* 11/24 (Friday) 23:20 Depart from Tokyo, return night bus to return using Shinkansen


​2 Boat Diving + Salmon Swim​

Ishinomaki salmon run-spawning tour

The location is Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture. Salmon born here migrate from the Sea of Okhotsk to the North Pacific Ocean to the Bering Sea to Alaska for 3 to 4 years, then return to their home rivers to spawn and finish their lives.
Please come and see the strong salmon swimming up to create life!


Even non-divers can participate without difficulty because it is done in a calm place where you can stand tall (from the knee to the waist).
​Lie down on the river bed and observe it rather than swimming like in the picture. (I don't even wear fins)
The water temperature is about 13 degrees, but it's the surface of the water, so I hardly feel the cold. (Dry suit rental available)


Divers can also enjoy diving in Onagawa as an option.

Please see plenty of rare creatures unique to Tohoku! (The sea water temperature is about 16 degrees.)


The guide is Miyagi Diving Service High Bridge, which is actively engaged in reconstruction support and cleanup activities in Ishinomaki.

Let's eat plenty of delicious food such as seafood from Tohoku and beef tongue from Sendai on the way home!



◆ Basic fee: ¥66,000(tax included)

Includes outbound night bus, return Shinkansen, 1 salmon swim, 2 boat dives, facility usage fee, and local accommodation fee.

◆ Diving (optional) ¥ 20,000 (additional 2 boat dives)

◆Dry suit rental available ¥4,000

◆Please contact us if you would like to make your own arrangements for round-trip transportation, or if you would like to stay the night before.

◆ Meals are not included


◆ Basic schedule

11/22 (Fri) 23:15: Tokyo (Ikebukuro) departure night bus ~ 5:10 arrival in Sendai

* Arrangements can be made for those who wish to stay overnight (Sendai or Ishinomaki) 21 days in advance.

11/23 (Sat) 5:10 Arrive in Sendai ~ 6:26 Depart from Sendai ~ Train ~ 7:30 Arrive in Ishinomaki ~ Transfer between shops

~Morning: 2 boat dives (optional) or free time

~ Afternoon: Salmon Swim

~Evening Ishinomaki departure~Sendai Station

~18:57~From Sendai to Tokyo by Shinkansen~20:28: Arrival in Tokyo (planned)

(Shinkansen leaves every 20 minutes. The time will be adjusted according to the situation.)

11/24 (Sun)

~ Morning: 2 boat diving

~ Afternoon: Depart from Ishinomaki ~ Sendai Station (Let's eat beef tongue and go home!)

~From Sendai to Tokyo by Shinkansen

(Shinkansen leaves every 20 minutes. The time will be adjusted according to the situation.)


* Diving equipment can be sent to the diving service by courier service.

*Night busIt is a spacious type DX bus.


◆Application/Inquiry Dive Kids

TEL: 090-2153-3798



Observation areas are shallow waters upstream of rivers, which are spawning grounds.
A large number of salmon that come upstream from the sea gather here to spawn.
Lay one egg at a time. This is the last big job.
As you can see in the photo, we observe the fish by crouching on the surface of the water.
The video is the moment of spawning.

The water temperature for diving in Onagawa is around 16 degrees.
The water temperature is about GW in Izu.
There are plenty of fish unique to this place, such as red bean-sized lumpfish and ultra-rare beaked sculpins.
The photo is a popular scorpion fish. It is a large and dignified charming person with a body length of over 30 cm ♪

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