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skin diving tour

​Suspended due to the reduced number of JET ships due to corona

 (excluding tax)

Day trip to the best sea ​
Tokai Kisen High-speed JET ship: Limited service schedule only for this period
You can go to that "Oshima" on a day trip!

(JET ferry round-trip fare not included: Tokyo Takeshiba departure/arrival ¥14,800/Kurihama ¥9,880/Atami ¥9,440)
(Minimum number of participants: 3 people)

Blue sea with outstanding transparency! The best sea on a day trip! !
It is a tour specializing in skin diving that was not possible!
High-speed JET ship from Tokyo Takeshiba Pier, Kurihama, Atami Port.
A special sea that you can easily reach faster than going to the points on the Izu Peninsula ♪

We will guide you to the best sea!

It is a special tour where you can enjoy the richness of fish species and dynamic scenery that attract many divers by skin diving!

​ Not only for snorkelers, but also for divers, please enjoy another sea with a slightly different charm from diving.

​Skin diving Experienced diving instructors will guide you.
The guide has a rescue instructor qualification and carries a water surface float.

(Please refrain from snorkeling beginners.)

Basic schedule

Ferry services from Tokyo Takeshiba Pier/Kurihama Port/Atami Port are available.
Choose a departure point that is convenient for you. After meeting at Oshima Port, we will guide you to the facilities and points.

September Saturdays and Sundays: 7:50 Tokyo - 9:35 Oshima - (5:30 H) - 15:05 Oshima - 16:50 Tokyo (no port call at Kurihama)

Saturday and Sunday in October: 7:35 Tokyo-8:40 Kurihama-9:40 Oshima-(5 H)-14:40 Oshima-15:45 Kurihama-16:45 Tokyo

Weekdays in October: 7:55 Tokyo - 9:40 Oshima - (5 H) - 14:40 Oshima - 16:25 Tokyo (no port call at Kurihama)

October only Atami Route: 9:10 Atami - 9:55 Oshima - (5:45 H) - 15:40 Oshima - 16:25 Atami


*The number in parentheses is the time spent on the island.

*Please make your own arrangements for boarding tickets to Oshima. If you prefer, you can arrange it here.
(Separate JET ferry round-trip fare: Tokyo Takeshiba departure/arrival ¥14,800 / Kurihama¥9,880/Atami¥9,440)

*Included in price
Skin Diving 2 times (about 1 hour each time)
Facility usage fee (changing room shower), guide fee, weight rental

Island transportation fee (moving by car) / Instructor accompaniment fee / Liability insurance fee

*Not included in price
Round-trip boarding fee to Oshima/Food and drink/Equipment rental fee (for those with rentals)
*Equipment rental fee (1 day)

Wetsuit ¥2,000 / Fins ¥500 / Mask ¥500 / Snorkel ¥500 / Digital camera ¥1,500


*Minimum number of participants: 3 people (+¥3,000 for 2 people on the day)

*Participation conditions: Those who can do snorkeling without difficulty (Please refrain from beginners)
​*Skin diving in the diving area.
For safety management, please be sure to wear a wet suit.


*For beginners, please   in advanceSkin Diving School Please take the


Restrictions on carry-on luggage onboard jet boats
If the sum of the three sides exceeds 1.2m or the total weight exceeds 20kg, a baggage fee of 1,000 yen will be charged separately. Items with a sum of three sides exceeding 2m or a total weight exceeding 30kg cannot be brought onto a jet ship.


※Cancellation Policy: ¥2,000 the day before, ¥3,000 the day before, ¥5,000 not attending on the day

2019 tour schedule
🔹Sri Lanka Blue Whale Tour 2/7-11
🔹Kumejima Humpback Whale Tour 2/23-26
🔹Philippines dugong tour 3/20-24

🔹Shiretoko Killer Whale Tour 6/1-4

🔹 La Paz sea lion swim tour 10/9-14

🔹Mikurashima Dolphin Swim Tour  April to November

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