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Shonan Chigasaki Eboshi Rock
picnic & snorkeling

¥15,400(tax included)

this calendarBlank days can be requested
(4 people or more


Landing at Eboshi Rock, a famous spot in Shonan
​Picnic & Snorkeling


Enjoy a carefree holiday

​ Eboshi Rock, a famous spot in Shonan Chigasaki known as the filming location for Southern songs and numerous TV dramas

Enjoy snorkeling with a leisurely picnic feeling across the Eboshi Rock on a chartered boat.

Even in Shonan, if you go offshore, the sea is beautiful! The view from Eboshi Rock is also spectacular!

Basic schedule

09:30 Meet at Chigasaki River Port Marina(map)

10:00 departure

Snorkeling/skin diving across Eboshi Rock

  (Please bring your own drinks/snacks/lunch box)

​around 14:00 end



◆ ¥15,400 (tax included) (Please pay by cash or PAYPAY on the day)


◆ What is included in the price
  ・Boarding fee

  ・ Facility usage fee (changing room, shower, toilet)

  ・ Guide fee

  ・Weight rental fee

  ・ Liability insurance premium

◆ What is not included in the price

  Food and drink (please bring your own drinks and snacks)

  ・Parking fee for those arriving by car (¥500/day)

  ・ Rental fee (wet suit ¥ 2,200 / fins + socks ¥ 770 / mask ¥ 550/Snorkel ¥550 )

◆ Cancellation fee
・3 days before - 20% the day before, 50% on the day

​Participation conditions
Healthy people who can comfortably snorkel

(Snowling is for ages 10 and up)

* Those who do not snorkel can also join (¥ 10,000)

Minimum number of participants  4Name(Maximum 8 people)

Meeting place on the day

◆ By train

09:00 JR Chigasakistation pickup

◆By car

 09:30 Meet at Chigasaki River Port Marina(map)


◆ Contact information on the day

090-2153-3798 Yamazaki

[To all participants]

Response to the new coronavirus

◆If any of the following applies to you, please do not participate. (No cancellation fee)
・Those who have had symptoms suspected of being infected, such as a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, cough, malaise, and abnormal taste and smell within the past two weeks.
・Persons who have been to an infected area within the past two weeks, or who may have been in contact with an infected person.
・People who have a history of infection in the past

(For the above people, please be sure to take a PCR test in advance even after it has passed.)
・Those who are not feeling well on the day.


◆Please be sure to wear a mask and refrain from talking in a loud voice in the moving vehicle/on board, in the local facility, in the changing room, etc.

◆ Put the changed clothes in a paper bag or a plastic bag and keep it in the car.

◆Please maintain social distance from other groups as much as possible.

◆During the meal, eat silently or have a dinner with a mask.

◆When you are not wearing a mask, please cover your mouth with your hand when talking.

◆Please disinfect your hands frequently.

◆Masks and snorkels are meant to be worn directly on the face or held in the mouth. We have equipment available for rent, but please bring your own if possible.

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