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Miyakejima stay guide


Miyakejima Stay Plan

Please be sure to check here.

Response to Covid-19

🔸Dolphin swim precautions and rules Please be sure to read it!

① The accommodation facility used is Miyakejima Birdie.

This is a cottage type inn. As a general rule, the rooms are shared by gender.
Private rooms are available if there are vacancies. (Family/Couple/Friends can charter one house)

Please specify when booking.

(1 room for 1 person + 4,000 yen / 1 room for 2 people + 2,000 yen / no extra charge for 3 or more people)


②Breakfast on the day of arrival will be prepared by the inn, so there is no need to bring your own.
(Early morning arrival at 5:00am~Early check-in, nap and breakfast included, ¥2,000 will be charged separately)

*They do not provide towels, pajamas, so please bring your own.


③ You can have a lunch in the restaurants or buying a lunch box at a super market.


④ After the first day dolphin swim, we will take you to the Onsen (the natural hot spring) (500 yen)


⑤ We will launch a charter dolphin boat from Miyakejima to Mikurajima
The dolphin swim will be held on Mikurajima, so there will be no change to the swim location itself.
It takes about 50 minutes from Miyakejima to Mikurashima.

*Please be sure to bring your own sea sickness medicine.

* Please prepare a boat coat, windbreaker, etc. as measures against the cold on board. (No lending)

⑥Dolphin swims will be held twice ( in the afternoon of the day of arrival and in the morning of the following day.)

(Subject to change depending on ocean conditions, etc.)
*Practice or snorkeling in the morning of the day of arrival.
* No refunds will be given if the scheduled dolphin swim is canceled due to personal reasons.


⑦On the Miyakejima dolphin boat mandatory to wear a wet suit.

Snorkeling practice in the morning of arrival day will be done on the beach.

   Those who do not practice can enjoy snorkeling at the same place. (Please manage safety by yourself)

​⑨Do not use sunscreens that contain UV absorbers

 Choose one that says UV Absorber Free.

We also sell it at our store, so please use it if you like.

 Little Hands Hawaii  100% natural sunscreen that does not contain any harmful ingredients

 SLS Sunscreen  Eco-friendly sunscreen made by the Australian Lifesaving Association

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*The schedule is as follows. (It may be canceled or changed depending on the weather and ocean conditions)

※ departure date

21:40  Meet at Tokyo Takeshiba Pier ~ boarding time 22:10

22:30  Departure from Tokai Kisen (large passenger ship) (overnight stay)


※ 2nd day

05:00  Arrive at Miyakejima ~  (early check-in)

07:00  Breakfast


・Snorkeling practice or snorkeling 


dolphin swimming

〜 hot spring

Stay on Miyakejima (Dinner)

※Third day
6:00 breakfast


dolphin swimmingSome dates marked with ※ are sightseeing tours on the island)


13:20 Depart from Miyakejima

19:40 Arrive at Takeshiba Pier  (20:40 summer season)


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