Swim With Wild Dolphins
 in Mikurajima



​Your dream will come true !​

Let's swim with dolphins in Mikurajima


Mikurajima is one of the Izu Islands located 200 km south of Tokyo. 

The island is famous for beautiful nature and dolphin swimming.

The trip will be the most unforgettable memories for you !

You can swim with wild dolphins

About 150 wild dolphins inhabit around Mikurajima
and you can swim with them by snorkeling and free diving.
They are very 
friendly and playful. 

Come join us and let's enjoy together !

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Shoot underwater movies while swimming

About Mikurajima

It takes about seven and a half hours from Tokyo Takeshiba Pier by ship.

Leaves Tokyo at 22:30 and arrives in Mikurajima at 6:00 in the morning.


Mikurajima is a small island and the population is about only 300 people.

There are only a few accommodations in Mikurajima and are usually fully booked. 

You will stay at either hotel or Japanese style inn depending on the availability.

No matter where you stay, they will serve excellent cuisine using local ingredients.

Please contact us for more information and availability.

About dolphin swimming

Dolphin swimming season is mid April to October.

The type of dolphins you see around Mikurajima are Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin.

Almost all dolphins are solidly identified by the research team and have names

The number of dolphins confirmed last year/2018 was about 150.

10-15 babies are born every year.

Basically they are very friendly.

They sometimes come very close to us but sometimes just pass by because they are wild.


A dolphin swimming tour is for two hours.
When you find dolphins, you enter the sea and return to the boat when they are gone.

You can swim with them by snorkeling and free diving. Scuba diving is prohibited in Mikurajima.

Please follow your guide’s instructions.

Rules of the dolphin swimming


In Mikurajima, we are working on the protection of dolphins.

We aim to be able to swim with the dolphins in 100 years and forever.


1. Do not touch dolphins  
Touching dolphins is prohibited.  


2. Do not chase dolphins. Do not go toward dolphins

They will run away as we head for them or chase them.


3. Do not approach baby dolphins
Please keep some distance from babies.


4. Do not use camera flash

Please turn off your camera flash.


5. Selfie sticks and long monopods are prohibited

A long stick might injures dolphins.


6. The alarm tone of the dive computer is prohibited

There is a possibility that the alarm sounds disturb their communication.
Please take off the dive computer when you swim.

7. Do not interrupt other boat's swimmers
When there are other boats nearby, wait until the dolphins leave there.

※ Water temperature changes due to the influence of Kuroshio Current.

※ Arrival possibility

A ship often not arrives at Mikurajima after departure in Tokyo depending on the sea condition.


The sea is often rough around Mikurajima depending on weather and condition of the sea. 

The schedule also depends on the weather.
Trips might be cancelled if the weather condition is unbearable because the safety of the clients will always come first.
Please confirm us before your departures.

About our trip


We offer package trip only.
​Regular schedule is 1night + 2days

How to Book

Please e-mail us your desired date.

We will check the availability of accommodations.

Or you can join our group trip.(You will share a room with other Japanese people.)


Please e-mail us follows.




・Mobile phone number or Facebook messenger,


※If you need rental equipments.

・height, weight(for Wet suits)

​​Shoe size (for Fins)

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